Monday, May 13, 2013

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 8 Second Sons

Did you watch the previous episode of game of thrones? After the Astapor Danny together with her army takes the next step of her plan in taking more army and to free the slaves and the next city in her list is Yunkai. Outside the city Deanery’s meet the leader of Yunkai and offers Danny a present two box of gold bar. She is asking to free the slaves that she have in the city but the leader resist to do it and in return Danny also have a return gift almost his life to be. The leader got offended and leaves in anger and he doesn't want to take the condition that Danny have. We assure Danny will take the city soon and free the slaves and this man will be burned can’t wait to see it again.

Meanwhile Jamie Lannister is free to go home while Brienne will be remain with Lord Roose Bolton. Jamie is ready to go and he can’t take in his mind he will leave without Brienne and he goes back and he saw Brienne fighting against a bear. Even the other hand of Jamie is nothing anymore he jumps into the arena and help out Brienne until they come out safe after with the angry bear.

In the next episode of Game of thrones season 3 episode 8 entitle “Second Sons”, King's Landing hosts a wedding, and Tyrion and Sansa spend the night together. Danny meets the Titan's Bastard. Davos demands proof from Melisandre. Sam and Gilly meet an older gentleman.


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