Monday, February 23, 2015

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15 "Let Her Go" Recap

A flashback stats the scene in the previous episode of the vampire diaries shows Liz Forbes assuring her young daughter, Caroline, that she will be all grown up and fine the time for her to die comes. Caroline wakes up at the Salvatore mansion surrounded by her friends.

Caroline is dreaming of the time she learned how to ride a bike, and wakes up in the living room of the Salvatore mansion surrounded by all her friends. She goes to the kitchen to find Damon working on the eulogy, but he’s having trouble. He tries to bond with her, but she doesn’t want to, and that’s when he gives her some solid advice about when the worst day of her life will come, and it won’t be the funeral. In full Caroline style, she assigns everyone a job to do for the funeral. While getting ready, Stefan asks Damon for his help about what he should do with Caroline since he hasn’t been able to talk to her about the kiss. And while Caroline is out with Elena, she also asks for her help about what to do.

Caroline confronts Stefan before the funeral, but he says he wants to wait until after the day is over to talk to her about that stuff. Then Tyler shows up, drunk, to the church, but Matt doesn’t let him in. Despite all the trouble he had, Damon manages to write and give a beautiful eulogy speech. And after the speech, Caroline sings a song for her mother, where Stefan realizes just how in love with her he is. Afterwards, they hold a wake for the Sheriff at the Mystic Grill and Tyler shows up sober, where Matt tells him that he’s applying to be a deputy and wants Tyler to apply, too.

Caroline goes home to be alone, but Elena shows up to talk to her about how she’s worried for her. Elena realizes that Caroline was planning to turn off her emotional switch, and she tries to talk her out of it. Caroline says that her experience without feelings is going to be different than Elena’s, so Caroline breaks Elena’s neck to stop her from trying to stop the switch from being pulled.

Unfortunately for Stefan, he realizes too late that he wants to tell Caroline his true feelings, because when he gets to Caroline’s house, he finds Elena’s limp body and Caroline out of sight.

Jo has food poisoning and Alaric is helping her try to feel better when Kai shows up asking for Jo’s help. He’s coughing up blood and says that since he didn’t merge with HIS twin (Luke), now he’s dying, which is why Jo is sick. If he dies then so does the entire coven, including Jo and Live, so of course they try to help him.

Kai feels better when he accidentally absorbs some of Jo’s powers and realizes he needs her powers to stay alive, and then he springs another surprise on everyone: The Gemini coven is responsible for the prison worlds, YES, PLURAL, and if he dies then the worlds will collapse.

Jo does decide to give Kai her powers, which saves him, and afterwards he says congratulations and whispers something into her ear before he leaves. What was it? That Jo is pregnant! And after she tells Alaric, he proposes to her, which she says no to because she doesn’t do a pity proposal. But then Alaric pulls out a ring and tells her he was planning it all along, and she says yes!

In 1994 Bonnie gets back to the Salvatore mansion with Silas’ headstone, and she has her magic back! She plans to travel back to her time and place at 12:28 that day, but just as she gets ready to do the spell in the cave there’s a small earthquake and the day turns into night and it starts snowing.

The northern lights then appear above her and she’s transported to an entirely new place in the year 1903. She sees a house and enters it, and finds a framed picture of Stefan and Damon on the desk. But then as Jo is doing her spell to give Kai her powers, Bonnie’s surroundings keep switching from her place in 1903 to Mystic Falls in 1994.

Bonnie decides to go ahead with the spell since both the Northern Lights and the eclipse are recurring events and she only has a minute left before the eclipse is over. Just before she gets transported, she sees a woman dressed in Victorian clothing, who asks Bonnie who she is. Bonnie doesn’t get to answer before she’s whisked off like Damon was when he was brought back to present day.

During the entire episode Damon has flashbacks of him and Stefan preparing for their mother’s funeral, and a young Stefan tells Damon that their mother’s angel/ghost came to Stefan in his sleep to tell him everything will be all right. He also remembers a crying Stefan after the funeral, who tells him that he should have said something about their mother there.

Then at the end of the episode Damon goes home to find pancakes in his kitchen, and Bonnie is back! She tells him about where she ended up in 1903 and shows him the footage she accidentally caught of the woman, and he tells her that’s his mother.


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