Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Walking Dead season 5 midseason finale on Sunday night, ending with the shocking death of Beth Greene, an event that Daryl Dixon will not be taking lightly, Wet Paint reported.

The previous episode entitled Coda was the eighth episode of the fifth season and it followed Rick, Daryl and the gang's efforts to save Beth and Carol from Dawn at the Grady Memorial Hospital.

However, things took a turn for the worst when the hostage exchange went wrong and Beth attempted to stab Dawn with a pair of scissors just seconds before reuniting with the gang. Dawn's sidearm went off and ended up shooting Beth through the head, killing her instantly.

The others were seen devastated by the news, more so Beth's older sister Maggie when she saw her dead sister being carried out of the hospital in Daryl's arms.

The episode was emotional not just for the characters, but for the actors and actresses themselves. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, admitted to shedding tears before they filmed the episode, according to his interview with TV Guide. He described the feeling as "devastating" to the point that he sat on an apple box, "bawled for an hour" and "cried and cried and cried."

The same went for Emily Kinney, who plays Beth. She also choked up during her interview with TV Line, saying that she initially didn't feel like reading the script. She admitted that she wasn't ready for her run on the show to be over and that she did not see that particular ending coming for Beth. "The Walking Dead" executive producer Gale Anne Hurd talked about Beth's death and Daryl's upcoming emotional turmoil during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Hurd praised Beth's character arc, saying that the girl grew a lot during her run in the show and found the strength to act against Dawn to save her friend Noah instead of being a bystander. She also claimed that with Beth gone, it will "significantly affect" Daryl, with whom she had become close. "She was one of the few characters who was the least uncorrupted," Hurd said. "The fact that the zombie apocalypse even got to her, it's going to be a long road back for Daryl."

"How do they deal with the fact that they got so close to everything working out, and then it was all snatched away from them so quickly and so definitively, in such an awful way?" Gimple also teased that Eugene will be playing a significant part when the show returns, that Rick will have a new "no-nonsense, take-no-chances" take on people and situations after Beth's death and that Morgan will continue on tailing the group.

To tide fans over for the meanwhile, a trailer and an episode sneak peek have been uploaded on YouTube before the show returns on Feb. 8, 2015 on AMC.

Friday, January 16, 2015

When The Originals went on its winter hiatus, the hit CW series left fans with a huge, daunting cliff-hanger: Would Esther kill herself or live as a vampire? Klaus left his mother with this ultimatum in the Season 2 midseason finale after Rebekah slipped her vampire-tainted blood into their mother’s glass of wine. When Esther drank the blood, she evolved from a witch into a bloodthirsty creature.

“You can either be the thing you hate the most or you can be dead,” Klaus said of his mother’s transformation. “Your choice. Which is more than you ever gave us.”

So what will Esther decide? Executive producer Julie Plec teased Esther’s fate.“I cannot say whether she does or does not [transition into a vampire],” Plec said. “But I can say that we learn which choice she made in the very first episode back. The Originals season 2 episode 10 returns on Monday entitled Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire.

But according to Plec’s other Season 2 teasers, we have a feeling Esther will choose a life of sucking blood over suicide. The EP also shared that Esther’s storyline will reveal why she and her spell-savvy sister Dahlia are so afraid of Mikael.

Speaking of Dahlia, the evil aunt will play a large role in the remainder of Season 2, according to co-executive producer Michael Narducci. “With the long-lost sister Freya and the powerful witch Dahlia taking the first-born children of the Mikaelson bloodline. Plec also answered our burning question of Dahlia’s possible reprisal which she hinted at the dark sorcerer’s return. “Dahlia is still lurking out there, God knows where. Dahlia's somebody we definitely haven't heard the last of as we move closer to the end of the season,” Plec said, confirming the Season 2 debut of Esther’s sister.

Morgan then explained that although Dahlia’s appearance in Season 2 may result in a full-on family feud, there’s also a silver lining to his wicked aunt's arrival. “He's got a very polarized view of Esther being an evil, wretched woman who's ruined his life. “If we start to learn that Esther had motives behind what she did and her motives were that she was doing bad things for good reasons, just like Klaus has learned to do, it's a great example of a child subconsciously learning from his parents. Maybe it will help him to understand a little bit more what Esther did, the choices she made."

Pretty Little Liars season 5 episode 15 starts Ali’s in jail and surprise, surprise doesn’t like it. She wants the Liars in there with her. Jason is ignoring his sister’s call. He thinks Ali had something do with their mother’s death. Meanwhile Caleb reveals to Spencer that He can’t get “hauled away on suspicion of murder again.” What? “Again”?

And Toby and Spencer as well as Emily and Paige are having relationship troubles. Unexpectedly Ashley and Jason are a new item! And it looks like “A” will be putting Hanna, Spence, Emily and Aria in jail with Ali some time soon. With or without “A” in the picture, the “Pretty Little Liars” Fresh Meat episode reveals that the residents of Rosewood will always be enmeshed in drama.

Toby finds his family’s knife buried under leaves in Mona’s backyard during a Rosewood Police investigation of the property. While he feels that “A has planted it” Toby is concerned that it could in fact be the murder weapon so he leaves it as is. But Spence and Caleb are not convinced. They believe “A” planted it. So behind Toby’s back, Spence and Caleb miraculously uncover the knife in the dead of night and place it in a school kiln to disintegrate. But before that knife can disappear, Caleb gets trapped in the kiln and almost disappears himself. By taking matters into her own hands with the vital piece of information, Spence officially puts her relationship with Toby on the line.

Holbrook and Hanna kissed. What? According to Hanna she did it for saving Ashley. In addition to kissing detectives, Hanna reveals that she has been accepted to a ton of colleges. While visiting one such college, Hanna finds out about the mysterious knife in Mona’s backyard. Hanna goes looking for Holbrook in a well-lit trailer park, but only finds his emaciated father and a scary Teddy Bear stuffed with organs. Then she goes to visit Ali, who reveals that during those hours over Thanksgiving when she was missing she was actually just waiting for Cyrus to call. Hanna doesn’t buy it.

Emily wants to see Paige, who now resides in California. She needs to raise money to get an airplane ticket so she tries to start catering for Ezra’s newly renovated The Brew, which turns into a disaster.

Poor Aria. Looks like “A” doesn’t want her going to college. She’s been rejected from “every single college” she applied to. But is it due to “A”? She finally tells Ez that she didn’t get into any colleges – not even her safety school Tallmadge. Turns out Jackie as in Ez’s ex works there. So, after taking Em’s advice, Aria writes a letter to the college about what a mistake it was to date her high school English teacher. After showing the contents to Em, she wants to take it back but it’s too late. Jackie has already seen it, but surprise, surprise the ex likes it and apparently so does “A”!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Revenge Season 4 starts off with a flashback to 2003 when David was in prison and stabbed by a guard, and taken in an ambulance by Malcolm Black’s men. Present day, David is reading a Miami newspaper about the death of Malcolm Black. That man sure knows how to cover his tracks. Louise and Nolan are at the Beach Club and she introduces Nolan to her brother Lyman. Nolan invites him over for dinner and to give a donation to his campaign for office. David meets with Emily and he tells her of his plan to kill Victoria that night. Emily pleads with him to let her suffer on her own so the two of them can run away together to catch up on lost time. Of course Emily needs a week to “tie up loose ends.” We don’t believe that perfect ending for a second.

Malcolm Black, who introduces himself as Agent Douglas Taylor, is waiting outside Jack’s apartment. When Jack tells him he doesn’t know where Kate is he subtly threatens his family. Jack then meets with David and David tells him to act normal and stay away from Amanda. Malcolm must believe she’s still dead.

Nolan invites Emily to dinner because he’d like a second opinion on Lyman Ellis. She tells him about her and David’s plans leave and we tear up with Nolan when he says: “Looks like you’re finally gonna get your happy ending.” Emily retorts with “You’re already hobnobbing with hot red heads.” “Gentlemen prefer blondes, you know that.” Who doesn’t love their friendship?

As a part of closing ties, Emily meets with Ben for a little walk on the beach. As Emily walks back up to the Beach club she overhears a conversation between Louise and Lyman. They’re arguing about her medication and her “possessive tendencies.”

Emily informs Nolan, but he thinks she’s a good person who’s had a hard life. He still wants her help and she reluctantly agrees.

Ben and Jack are on patrol and Ben is upset because Chief Alvarez isn’t returning his calls. Last time they spoke he was planning on giving him a promotion. Jack is mentally somewhere else thinking of his son’s safety.

David calls Malcolm off of Kate’s phone. He tells him that Kate is fine and alive but he can’t see her because he was never allowed to see Amanda when he was under his watch.

We get a flashback to when David was working for Malcolm and Malcolm drops him some pictures of (fake) Amanda at the strip club. He says that she’s “worth it,” which is disgusting to even think further on.

David snaps back to reality and says he’ll give Malcolm Kate’s location and he is to leave the country or the authorities will be given the flash drive. Hmm. What’s on that pesky thing already.

David meets with Jack and informs him that he’ll be meeting with Malcolm that night and hopefully killing him. In case something happens he wants Jack to tell Emily and have Nolan distribute the flash drive to the authorities. It’s sad that Jack is always put in these situations!

Margaux creeps up on Ben leaving Emily a voicemail and she bursts out in verbal rage. However, as she walks away she collapses. Ben brings her to the ER and when he heads out for coffee the doctor enters tells her she has high blood pressure and she needs to de-stress. Victoria then shows up to… help. Victoria decides to tell Margaux the entire truth and starts off telling Margaux that Emily is Amanda Clarke and Ben is outside listening.

It’s finally dinner time. When the subject gets turned over to Louise’s health, she starts to see the hallucinations of her mother berating her. Louise lashes out at her mother and accidentally slaps Nolan. As Lyman takes Louise away Emily suggests something is up with Lyman.

Emily and Nolan go up to Louise’s room and inform her that the medication she’s been receiving from the family doctor is Xanax mixed with Lariam which causes confusion and hallucinations. Then Emily finds a photo of her in what we discover was what was in that mysterious envelope from last week. Victoria’s evidence that was given to Kate.

Emily may have now officially changed her mind in having her father kill Victoria. You spoke too soon, Em.

Nolan invites Lyman over to throw in his face that he didn’t win and they know about the pills. Oh, and not to cash that huge check. Jack tries to stop David from attacking Malcolm but David tells him how Conrad ruined his life but Malcolm damned his soul to hell. In another flashback we see Malcolm force David to kill another man. Jack says that he already took the flashdrive and had Nolan give it to authorities. The police are outside ready to take Malcolm and his men away.

Now he and Emily can be happy and blah blah. David replies, “If you only knew how wrong you really are.” Jack then later finds out at the precinct that Malcolm was turned over to the feds and then released for lack of evidence. Oh shit.

David sends Victoria a text to meet at the lighthouse. We find out it was actually Emily wanting to confront Victoria about the photo. They go at it back and forth for a bit and then they’re both hit by darts. Malcolm comes out from the shadows and finds out that Emily is really Amanda Clarke just as she slips into the sedation. These Hamptonites need to learn to not speak so freely about such private matters.

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Originals mid-season finale left us with a Vampire Esther in transition and Rebekah in a new body. At the end of Episode 9, Rebekah was trapped by Kol in a witch's body, and placed her in a witch coven's prison. According to reports, the second half of The Originals Season 2 will focus on baby Hope and her powers.

"We want to explore what makes the child of Klaus, a hybrid, and Hayley, a werewolf, completely different from any other child on this planet," executive producer Michael Narducci told Tvline.

"You'll begin to see certain signs subtle at first, then maybe not-so-subtle in terms of how this baby is something completely unique."

Executive producer Michael Narducci teased Rebekah's predicament, and confirmed the return of one of the most memorable characters in the show.

Narducci told Entertainment Weekly that the new Rebekah will be recognised by Cassie who was earlier possessed by her mother Esther.

Cassie herself will be troubled by her past circumstances. After being possessed by Esther, the harvest girl goes through a lot of post-traumatic stress.

Narducci explained: "Rebekah is going to find her at the start of episode 10 and the person who's kind of filling her in on the rules of this dangerous prison is in fact Cassie."

Meanwhile, executive producer Julie Plec also teased that two minor characters will be given the spotlight in the upcoming episodes of The Originals Season 2.

"Dahlia is somebody we definitely haven't heard the last of as we move closer to the end of the season," Plec said. "She's part of another sector of evil that's not occupied by the current Mikaelsons."

The character of Freya will also be explored in the upcoming episodes, after viewers found out that Dahlia took her away from Esther as payment for the fertility curse in previous episodes.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Revenge Season 4 Episode 11 Review

Emily may not be at fault for Daniel’s death, but a major lie about the way he died got her uninvited to his funeral on the Jan. 4 episode of Revenge. Plus, Malcolm Black came looking for his daughter and killed someone in the process.

Upon finding Daniel’s lifeless body, Victoria went into a tailspin. And in a hurry to cover up the murder of Agent Kate Taylor who’s responsible for killing Mr. Grayson and escape the wrath of her father, Malcolm Black, David got rid of her body and convinced everyone to tell the police that Daniel attacked Emily and she shot him in self defense. Everyone seemed to be on board, except for Victoria.

She played it cool, but following interviews with the police, Victoria decided she wanted nothing to do with David’s lies anymore. She didn’t really have much say, though, because he then locked her up with Emily in Grayson manor, while he headed out to finish hiding Kate’s body.

Meanwhile, Jack and Nolan headed to Kate’s hotel to throw out most of her belongings. I’m assuming they wanted to throw out anything that tied her to them and for good reason.

Her father whom David said is scarier than Conrad came looking for his “missing” daughter and killed the Chief of police in the process. And it seems like Malcolm won’t stop until he finds his daughter, or gets revenge for her murder once he figures it out.

Emily Gets Banned From Daniel’s Funeral & Margaux Vows to Seek Revenge. Also, Victoria’s not the only one who took Daniel’s death hard. Margaux had a hard time believing Daniel attacked Emily. And after the police decided not to name Emily as a suspect in his murder barely, Margaux told Emily she’ll work on finding out the truth until the day she dies. She even teamed up with Victoria and banned Emily from Daniel’s funeral.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Mikaelson family drama will get even more intense when The Originals returns from its winter break with an all-new episode next year.

The epic midseason finale, titled The Map of Moments, ended with major cliffhangers: Esther may or may not now be either dead or a vampire, Finn is out on the loose and Rebekah is trapped inside the body of a witch who, herself, is trapped by a cursed in a New Orleans home, reports TV Fanatic.

In a happier moment during the episode, Klaus and Hayley reunited with their baby daughter, Hope, for the first time since she was born. In the meantime, Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah devised a plan to take down their mother, Esther, once and for all.

A preview of the upcoming episode, which is titled Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire, shows that the Mikaelson family feud will reach new levels as Mikael goes on a mission to kill Klaus, and Finn is intent on taking revenge against his siblings.

The video clip also shows Klaus threatening to put someone's head through a spike, while Finn makes death threats against the vampires and the werewolves.

In addition, Klaus orders Kol to "handle" the witch problem and Rebekah meets Esther's long lost child. According to actress Danielle Campbell, a lot of things will cause changes in New Orleans after the mid-season finale.

"Everyone's got their own storyline and their own plan that they're devising in some way, and it kind of just starts to spiral out of control to the point where it's chaos and it makes for a really cool episode," Campbell said during an interview with Access Hollywood.

The Originals Season 2 Episode 10 titled Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire, will premiere on Monday, Jan. 19, 2015.