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Time to set back and watch the originals season 2 episode 6 don't forget to grab your popcorn.What do you do when your son you know, the child you purposely weakened in order to cover up your steamy indiscretions with a local werewolf hunk demands that you return his brother and his best suit in one piece? Why, you tempt him with the long buried truth about his real father of course. At least, that’s what the conniving Lenore a.k.a. Esther Mikaelson when Klaus came a-knocking on her door: she doused him with a cold, harsh of reality. As for the rest of the characters, they didn’t have it any easier. Ever the brave soul, Hayley sought out the MIA Jackson only to find him under the thrall of a creepy-ass mentor. Meanwhile, Cami, suspicious of her new advisor Vincent, turned to Marcel for help. Unfortunately, their little snoop session turned deadly when they discovered the truth about his true identity.

In a desperate attempt to play mind games with her son and distract him from saving Elijah from himself, Esther reveals a shocking truth. His real father is alive and his name is Ansel, just like the famed photographer/hunk who portrayed Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars. And the only reason she ever ignited a passionate affair with him was because Mikael went from loving husband to abusive tyrant. You see, after he returned home and found out that his firstborn had perished in his absence, Mikael freaked out as any parent would. However, instead of channeling his grief through tears and sadness he became cruel and intolerable, forcing Esther to run full-speed into the arms of another man. A few slow-jam-inspired, love-making sessions later, Baby Klaus came kicking and crying his way into the world. Oh and surprise: Ansel is alive and just so happens to be Jackson’s life guru! When Klaus comes face-to-face with him he gets all Old Testament Darth Vader on him: “Niklaus, I am your father.” Chills!

We finally find out the name of Esther and Mikael’s firstborn who passed away at a young age: Freya, named ofter the Norse goddess for beauty, love, and destiny. Apparently the poor little Viking died from the plague and this changed the course of the Mikaelson family.

Klaus coming to the rescue of the brother who’s always believed in his redemption. The almighty hybrid set his hubris aside for a few minutes and allowed his kind, gentle nature to emerge. He did this with Hope and now with the sibling who never quit on him even when he daggered him. He tries to wake him up but, unfortunately, Elijah is not in the right state of mind. Esther has inflicted some terrible magic on him, and he’s currently comatose, drifting deeper and deeper into his nightmares in which all his monstrosities are brought to light. But don’t worry, loves, because Klaus is far from happy about this situation and vengeance will be sweet. No one dares to mess with a hybrid’s favorite brother and gets away with it.

First, we learn that Esther has a sister named Dalia. Then, we learn that Esther visits her witchy sis in Norway in 972 A.D. and makes a deal: If she helps her conceive a child with Mikael, Esther promises to pays her debt back at a later time. Well, it appears jealousy and ruthlessness run in the family because Dalia appears at the end of the episode in a flashback demanding something heartbreaking from her own flesh and blood: her firstborn, Freya.

Apparently Dalia has claimed every firstborn born in their lineage, which is why Esther concocted the vampire spell in the first place. And perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of all? Learning that Freya was taken by force from her mother’s warm arms.

When Big Sis comes to collect her due payment, she rips a crying Freya away from her birth mom and carries her away right into a blizzard. That being said, this moment also provides fans insight as to why Finn is a total mama’s boy. He was old enough to witness what happened and respectful enough to carry the burden of her secret. And because of this, they have a unique bond.

According to what Esther tells Klaus, his birth renewed Mikael’s spirit and made him feel whole. This prompted the births of Henrik, Kol and Rebekah and, because of Klaus and his adorable dimples, they learned how to be a family again. Some might even say he brought them HOPE…..

The cat’s out of the bag. Marcel fills Cami on the latest gossip on the French Quarter namely, that Finn Mikaelson is masquerading around town as her advisor. Quite understandably, she freaks out because she’s revealed such intimate details about her life to a fraud. Once she settles down though, she agrees to lend a hand in distracting him via her psych student-babble deep and meaningful conversation. After inviting him out to drinks and pummeling him with questions galore, Finn grows suspicious of Cami’s sudden interest in him and why she wants to hear him assess Klaus’s personality. However, he shakes off any hesitation because, gosh darnit, he’s crushing on her harder than a Belieber on the Biebs. Even though Miss Camille is into the bad boys and not into mommy knickers-washing blokes, Finn seems to think he and his spiffy sweater vests have a shot. Cami notices his attraction towards her and let’s Marcel know that they can use this to their advantage.

Mama ‘I Know Everything’ Mikaelson apparently didn’t realize that Mikael had dropped by from The Other Side. Klaus breaks the news to her, and it really seems to rattle her. He smirks, elated to have one upped his mom, and reveals the Destroyer has risen again thanks to Davina. “Surely Kol has revealed everything to you?” he muses. “Or is mother’s loyal, little boot licker not quite so loyal after all?” Judging by Esther’s stunned expression, it appears as though Kol won’t be getting dessert after supper for a couple of weeks. Anyway, shouldn’t Esther be more thrilled to learn her hubby’s back? Well, when you think about it, he’s trying to kill their kids while she’s trying to save them so his reappearance kinda puts a damper on her plans.

After Klaus dismisses Hayley’s offer to help him hunt down Elijah, she turns to Marcel and Gia (Nishi Munshi). They’re unable to find Elijah despite their best efforts, so they decide to track down Oliver instead. Once they figure out his whereabouts, they can gather clues about where Elijah’s being held captive. So what’s the plan? Marcel and Gia distract Finn, who’s controlling the werewolves, while Hayley tracks down the pack’s hunky alpha, Jackson.

Sad news, sweethearts. Olly is gone to a land that is not where Bonnie Bennett is meaning, he can’t ever come back. While trying to help Hayley free their werewolf pack from Finn and Esther’s control, Olly ran into the aforementioned individuals and got chained up and tormented. we did appreciate his soft spot for children so we didn’t appreciate seeing him tortured.
The story of the survivors continues in the walking season 5 episode 5 as they are going back to Atlanta to find the cure. We leave Beth, Carol, and the hospital of doom in Atlanta in order to check on Glenn, Maggie, Abraham Ford, and the others who left for Washington, DC. We start with an effective group-bonding scene in which we learn that Eugene is still holding to his “classified” information on the off chance that there might be like, official hearings or something someday. Also he likes his mullet because his old boss told him it makes him look like “a fun guy”. That’s great because Eugene is a total bummer, really, and also seems to be suggesting that his big plan to save the world involves missiles. And them the bus crashes because no one is ever leaving Georgia.

This episode we get to find out about Abraham’s past through a series of flashbacks. We see him protecting his family in a supermarket, curb-stomping a fellow survivor. They’re already on the run, so this isn’t day one of the zombie apocalypse, but his family is blatantly terrified by him, and the fact that he’s just killed a guy, so it’s not progressed far enough that they really understand what it takes to survive, either.

The current timeline in the episode is concerned with Abraham getting his troupe down the road to DC. The church bus crashes because cars on this show invariably crash, but we learn that Eugene actually sabotaged the bus himself. His logic is a little convoluted, but he thinks that the closer they get to fulfilling his “mission”, the less the group will need him and be likely to protect him. Tara is like, “that’s bullsh*t, we’re all in this together,” but where Eugene has previously put off mildly concerning vibes, he’s now emitting full-blown red light alerts.

There’s a cool escape sequence involving a fire truck and its water hose—the longer this show goes on, the more you can feel the SFX guys trying to out-do one another with zombie kills—but the key part of the current timeline is that Eugene is troubling not least because he watches Abraham and Rosita having sex, and Abraham is losing it. He has a seeping wound on his hand from the fight at the church, and his mental state seems to be in the same kind of slow bleed. He’s barely holding it together, and only the thought of getting to DC so that Eugene can save the world is keeping him going.

Which is problematic because Eugene is full of sh*t. There is no plan, no Hail Mary—he’s not even a scientist. He was just lying to get people to protect him, because he knew that though he is smart, he’s also not the best equipped to deal with survival. So he tricked people into taking care of him, including Abraham. The final flashback shows that, scared of him, Abraham’s family fled and ended up being eaten by zombies. Just moments from taking his own life, it’s Eugene’s pleas for help and the promise of a mission that pulls Abraham back. Eugene’s revelation isn’t just shocking to Abraham, it’s a devastating blow to everything he’s built his post-apocalyptic life on. He’s lost everything.

Next week we’re flipping back to Carol and Daryl searching for Beth, so it’ll be a bit before we find out what’s next for Abraham and the others. Presumably, Glenn will get them going back toward Rick & Co. Let’s just hope that in his grief, Abraham doesn’t go through a farmer phase like Rick did. I can deal with Abraham rage-punching Eugene to death. I can’t deal with another f*cking farming phase.
The vampire diaries season 6 makes a new twists in what happen to Bonnie and Damon but somehow and finally he is back in the real world. What about Bonnie? isn’t exactly the reaction Damon was hoping to get from Elena upon his return on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries. Her literally jumping out the window to avoid him was merely the icing on his three-layer cake of disappointment.

But because Elena’s always been a flip-flopper it’s my favorite quality of hers, second only to her ability to make family members magically disappear she decided she wanted Alaric to un-compel her into remembering her love for Damon. This would have been a solid plan, had a freak incident not stripped Alaric of his vampirism, and with it, the ability to jog Elena’s memory.

It looks like Damon’s going to have to win Elena’s heart back the old-fashioned way, and if it means more of these incredible drawings, I’m all in:

There’s always been something off about Alaric’s new boo, and this week, Elena finally put her finger on it: Jo is a witch! To be fair, Elena didn’t exactly stumble upon this conclusion all by herself. “I know what Alaric is and I know what you are,” Jo told her point-blank after catching Elena checking her coffee for vervain. And while it seemed her bewitching nature would derail her relationship with Alaric, it might actually be the one thing keeping them together; she followed him during Operation: Save Damon and kept him alive after a devastating attack. Unfortunately, because this all went down beyond the Mystic Falls border, Alaric is no longer an all-powerful vampire capable of compulsion.

Speaking of new boos, Jeremy’s lady friend or is she Matt‘s lady friend? continued investigating her parents, now known to be Zach Salvatore and Gail Somethingstein. Matt delivered the comforting news that all of her remaining family members are bloodsucking monsters, but something tells me that won’t deter Sarah from sticking around for a bit. Anyone think they know what she’s really up to? Because I haven’t the foggiest.

Raise your hand if you thought Stefan and Caroline’s big confrontation at the end of the episode was going to result in a kiss. … Oh, everyone? Well, it didn’t. “After all this, I don’t want to be friends anymore,” she told him, at which point she was supposed to say, “I want to be more.” But she didn’t say that. She didn’t say anything. She just stormed off into the night, leaving Stefan sad and alone once again. Could Steroline really be over before it even began?

And then there’s Jeremy, poor hulky, broody Jeremy. He’s always been an emotional wreck, but now that he’s accepting Bonnie’s gone forever she’s not, by the way he’s going H.A.M. on everyone and everything, especially his battered cell phone. That poor little guy never stood a chance.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Everyone is just getting excited as Nina Dobrev will be in this episode of The Originals as the original doppleganger Tatia. Let us wrap up the originals season 2 episode 5.

Elijah is bloodied up and stalking a girl, who looks a lot like Hayley, down a hall. He reaches her, spins her around, and she looks like Elena now, or, rather, Tatia. He sinks his teeth into her neck, and awakes with a start.

Elijah has found himself chained up in the witches tomb/all purpose room that we have seen used so many times before. Esther, now in Lenore’s body, won’t let him go until she has said her peace. Esther wants to show Elijah the monster he truly is by revealing how he destroyed Tatia, not her.

Elijah looks on as Tatia and Klaus dance around a pyre. She looks for Elijah, however, and as soon as he walks away, she chases after him. We learn that Tatia has already lost a husband to battle, and that she was supposed to throw herself on the pyre as was customary for their time. She tells him that she has chosen to give her heart to him, and they have their kiss by the pig pens.

Kaleb and Cami are attending to Davina while Klaus hangs in the doorway threatening and being generally surly. He hands over the stake to Cami, and sends her to get the car to take Davina to the hospital. As soon as they’re alone, Klaus lets Kaleb know that he is well aware that Kol is in control of this body. They bicker, as always, and when Klaus calls to Cami and gets no response, he runs to the car to find her gone, the window bloody, and Mikael no longer lying prone in the trunk.

Klaus calls Elijah for reinforcements, then asks Kol/Kaleb to wake Davina so she can call Mikael back. He refuses. Klaus whooshes off to find Mikael while Kaleb tends to Davina, ignoring a call. When his nose begins to bleed, he answers the second call and we find out that it’s Finn. He tells Finn of Davina’s plan to unlink her friends from Klaus, then kill him.

Mikael and Cami are tromping through the woods. When Mikael tells her of his intentions to use her as leverage, she balks, shaming him for holding Klaus’ parentage against him as his fatal flaw. Mikael hushes her and goes off in search of food. They stumble across a party in the woods, AKA a buffet.

Kaleb finds what Davina was using to bind her spell, and she wakes. Kaleb tells her what’s been going on, and she sets her sights on finishing her spell before Mikael can find Klaus and kill him. Hayley goes to Marcel to let him know that the young wolves they rescued are safe and sound, only to realize that Elijah isn’t answering calls. She senses something is going on, and races off to find him, Marcel on her heels.

Elijah hasn’t fed in a while, prompting Esther to reminisce about what she and Mikael did to their children. We then flash back to a wooded area where Klaus sits cowering in fear, human body parts strewn around the clearing. Elijah arrives on the scene and tells his brother that he slaughtered six villagers. Klaus shakes with horror at what he’s become. The boys discover that Klaus is afflicted differently than any of the other Mikaelson siblings. Tatia stumbles on the scene, and Elijah remembers that he compelled her to forget what she saw.

Esther sends him back to the memory, and we see Elijah reassuring Tatia that he loves her, and that he wouldn’t hurt her. As they stand there, Elijah smells blood on her and feeds.

Mikael compelled the entire party to stand tall in front of Klaus and insult him. Klaus begins tearing them down.

Dawn has come and gone, and Mikael marches Cami into an abandoned building. They fight, Cami standing up for Klaus and reiterating that his mother’s infidelity should not be held against him, while Mikael regales her with Klaus’ laundry list of sins. He recalls Henrik’s and Esther’s deaths as fodder for his hatred toward Klaus. Cami tries to reason with him that his violence is pointless, but Mikael just simply laughs to her face.

As Klaus fights the horde, Mikael feeds on Cami. Klaus gets a call from Hayley, who is looking for help finding Elijah. She and Marcel found a blood trail to follow. Klaus cannot help though, as he has the matter of Mikael to attend to. Klaus insists that either himself or Mikael will be ash by the time this confrontation is done.

Davina continues working her spell, but is having no luck. She goes to channel Kaleb’s power, and learns of Kol’s true history. They start hexing each other until Kol calls it off, and tells her all about the craziness of the Mikaelson parents. He tells her that he either had to kill the spell or kill her, and he has grown to like Davina, so he killed the spell. She asks him how he unspelled her bracelet and freed Mikael, and he promises to show her.

Elijah accuses Esther of tampering with his memories. He doesn’t remember harming Tatia, but as he stands before her, she tells him of how she allowed him to forget his wrongdoing. She gave him the ability to maintain his nobility by hiding his indiscretions behind the red door in his mind. Throughout the centuries, as long as he looked presentable, he could keep his secrets locked away.

Elijah looks her in the eye and defies her, saying that she will never break him. She tells him that he is already broken, but not beyond repair. She can, and will, fix all of her children.

…with a little help from her friend Davina wants to break the spell on the White Oak Stake, and Kol tells her that an object that powerful can only be disabled for a short time.

Klaus enters the abandoned building and Mikael is waiting with Cami’s bloody body in his clutches. They fight. Kol tells Davina that she needs his power to do the spell, and she channels him. Klaus falls with the White Oak Stake in his heart, but rather than dying and burning up, he only falls. Davina and Kol were successful. Cami pulls the Stake from Klaus’ chest just in time as the spell dies.

Mikael finds Cami holding the stake and threatens her. Marcel walks onto the scene and slaps Mikael around. Mikael gets the upper hand, but only temporarily. The entire band of them stand together, and Mikael runs off.

Marcel isn’t happy with Davina, what with her bringing Mikael back and all, but Kol stands up for her. Marcel may not know who he is, but we think he senses that something more is going on than Davina just having found a friend. Davina holds the White Oak Stake, and intends to use it to kill Klaus.

Esther tells Elijah that he will hang where he stands until he remembers all of his atrocities, and that when he is weak, she will release him. As Esther finished, Hayley drained her, freed Elijah, and kissed him before letting him feed on her. We then see that this is all a dream, as Elijah remains shackled where he stood, eyes open, yet lost in another place.

Without ever making us dial 411, this week’s episode of The Walking Dead doled out a lot of valuable information: In its opening moments, it revealed where Beth has been all this time, and in its closing moments, it revealed where…On second thought, keep reading. We’ll get to the end of Slabtown and who’s in it! when we get to it.

As the hour began, Beth awoke at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta with stitches on her cheek and her hand in a cast. Shortly thereafter, police officer Dawn Lerner and Dr. Steven Edwards entered her room and explained that she had been rescued from a walker rotter attack. So you owe us, the cop added ominously. Beth immediately asked about Daryl but was told that, when she was picked up, she had been alone.

Next, we flashed forward a bit, and Beth appeared to be working off her “debt” as a nurse/orderly. Not only did she help Steven chuck an ill-fated patient down an elevator shaft, she assisted in a procedure to stabilize a new patient named Trevitt.

Making matters worse, it turned out that there was something creepier inside the hospital than outside it: Dawn’s officers. One in particular Gorman seemed to have difficulty refraining from adding “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” to his request that Beth show some, ahem, appreciation for her rescue.

At least Steven seemed nice. He shared his lunch with Beth, treasured his Caravaggio painting and expressed a longing for a world in which they got to be better than the animals they’d become.

When Beth went to change the blouse that she’d bloodied while helping save Trevitt Dawn likes things neat, Steven noted she discovered a lollipop in her pocket, a gift from fellow orderly type Noah. But they had scarcely a moment to bond before another aide/prisoner named Joan was dragged in with a walker bite and forcibly given a life-saving arm-ectomy. Why was she so willing to die? We would soon find out…

First, however, Beth thanked Noah for the lollipop and asked him why Joan would risk her neck trying to escape when she could just work off her debt and go. Noah clearly hip to the joint’s sketchiness said that he had never seen it work that way, and he’d been there a year. What’s more, he seemed to think that Dawn and Co. had rescued him — and refused to rescue his bigger, stronger father because the older man would have fought back. Curiouser and curiouser…

Later, Dawn gave Beth what was probably supposed to be a pep talk, and Joan bitterly revealed to the newbie that she could understand how the cop does the evil things that she does. “I guess it’s easy making a deal with the devil,” the now-one-armed girl said, “when you’re not the one paying the price.”

Off this enigmatic chat, Beth went looking for her lollipop, only to find that Gorman was already enjoying it. Grosser still, he was determined to share it, forcing it into her mouth and then… Well, you can imagine what he would have done then, had Steven not interrupted. Horrified to realize what a complete and total cesspool they were in, Beth asked the doc why on earth he stayed. And, though he told her the whole sad tale of Dawn’s predecessor, Hansen, and the costly mistakes he’d made, the short answer was, as bad as being inside the hospital is, it’s still better than being outside it.

Before clocking out for the day, Beth followed Steven’s orders and gave Trevitt an injection… which, to her surprise, killed him. To spare her Dawn’s wrath, Noah lied that he was to blame and, even though the cop knew he was just protecting his gal pal, got beaten to a pulp. WTF? Beth asked. In response, Dawn blathered on about how “every sacrifice we make has to be for the greater good,” for when they’re rescued and begin rebuilding the world. That’s why she’s cool with Noah being pummeled and Gorman forcing himself on Joan. The girls around the hospital “keep my officers happy,” she said. “The happier my officers are, the harder they work to keep us going.”

The next day, Beth and Noah did what anyone with half a brain would and decided to beat a hasty retreat. The plan: He’d keep an eye on Dawn while Beth snuck into the cop’s office and stole the key to the elevator. And it was going great, even after Beth discovered Joan dead on the floor. But then Gorman came in. Luckily, Beth convinced him that she was willing to play nice long enough to clock him with a jar of lollipops and feed him to the reanimated Joan.

After that, it was relatively smooth sailing for the duo relative to other escapes on this show, that is until they made it outside. Noah was able to elude the walkers and squeeze through a gate to freedom, but Beth… crap! She was apprehended by the guards. Yet, dire as her situation was, she was still so happy that at least her friend got away that she wore a defiant smile.

Back inside the prison hospital, Beth lashed out at Dawn and told her, “Nobody’s comin’! We’re all gonna die, and you let this happen for nothin’.” As is the cop’s habit, she responded by striking Beth.

Just as bad, no longer could Beth take any comfort in Steven’s company. When she accused him of setting her up to unwittingly kill Trevitt because he somehow knew the patient was a doctor, he admitted it. If they had another M.D. around, “they would have kicked me out,” he argued. He had no choice.

Unimpressed, Beth appeared to have made a choice herself to kill Steven with a pair of scissors when she was distracted by a new patient being wheeled in. A new patient with a familiar face and it is Carol.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 episode 6 promise some great action and intrigue on next week’s show. Tonight’s on CW my favorite series, The Vampire Diaries aired episode 5 and it was all sorts of intense, Elena doesn’t want her memories of Damon back but she may need them since he’s finally back from the dead. Stefan’s off the rails but the return of his brother just might save him. We cannot wait till the next episode.

With Homecoming around the corner, Elena invited Liam to attend a party at the corn maze with her. Instead of attending the homecoming festivities, Caroline was preoccupied after Stefan showed up unexpectedly and needed her help cleaning up a mess created by Enzo. Heeding Elena’s advice to be more social, Alaric reluctantly attended the party, but a devastating accident quickly left him and Jo rushing to save lives. Elsewhere, Tyler found himself in a dangerous position when his werewolf curse was put to the test, and an emotionally embattled Stefan came clean to Caroline about his intent to move on from Mystic Falls. Lastly, Damon and Bonnie made an important discovery that affected their quest to get back home.

“A rescue in the might When Alaric realizes that Jocan’t be compelled, he asks Elena to do some digging into her background. After learning that Enzo has been captured by Tripp, Caroline teams up with Matt and Stefan to rescue him before Tripp learns their true identities. Armed with some new information about her past, Sarah breaks into Tripp’s office and is surprised when she finds Matt there, doing some investigating of his own. Meanwhile, Elena is forced to deal with the consequences of her actions, and Jeremy hits rock bottom, lashing out in a destructive way. Lastly, Damon is determined to take matters into his own hands when he receives some upsetting news.”

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gear up your night every Thursday night with the vampire diaries season 6 in the the previous episode of the series, Stefan awakes to his phone ringing as Tripp tells him Enzo pointed him toward Savannah, GA, where Stefan is currently shacked up with his newbie vampire girlfriend. Ivy freaks out a little over Stefan’s distinct lack of helpfulness, and he snaps her neck after she comes at him rather ferociously.

Stefan barges into Caroline’s dorm looking for a babysitter for Ivy so he can get her a daylight ring from Luke. Caroline, reluctantly, agrees.

Alaric is in his element talking about the history of Whitmore’s Homecoming festivities. He wraps up his lecture with a little advice. “Never fall in love, especially with your brother’s girl.” Methinks he may be drawing from reality a little there.

Damon is chock full of hope which leaves Bonnie to be skeptical of their chance out of 1994. Damon is all set to kill anyone that gets in his way, but first they need to get the spell and the Ascendant from Kai. Damon starts digging into the tunnels while Kai skips off to town to gather some ‘supplies.’

Ivy and Caroline discuss all things Stefan, and Ivy is ready to get out of there. She’s gotten through Vampire 101 with Caroline, and now she wants to see how the whole snatch, eat, erase thing works in the real world. Ivy distracts Caroline with Scrabble and then snaps her neck and whooshes out of the dorm.

Stefan tells Alaric that he procured the daylight ring for Ivy from Luke (must be nice to play the ‘you’re responsible for my brother’s death’ card), and now he wants Alaric to compel Ivy to forget him so he can make a fresh start somewhere else. Alaric isn’t having it and Stefan tries to lay on the guilt because Alaric helped Elena. It’s a no go.

Just as Damon hits paydirt, Kai returns to the scene. He gathered a few things to take back with him (Zima, ARod’s rookie card, a pager?). He and Bonnie have a little spat where she challenges him to either give her the spell or make good on his threats to take her magic and kill her. He starts to take her magic and then stops. Bonnie realizes that Kai doesn’t know the spell, which means that they don’t need him. She hits him square in the chest with the pickax.

Tyler, who is driving while reading a text, hits a boy that Ivy drank from and skids off the road. He is knocked unconscious and his truck continues to plow into the corn maze, directly toward the bonfire. Alaric takes the doctor out of the way just in the knick of time.

Tyler survives the crash and climbs out of his truck only to find the young man that he hit bleeding on the ground. Tyler knows that if this kid dies, he will trigger his werewolf curse. Back in the maze, Liam is helping a girl injured in the crash, but Elena sends him off to help someone else and she gives the girl her blood to heal her.

Elena gets a phone call from Tyler, who hasn’t yet realized that he drove through the corn maze. When she regales him with this detail, he asks her what he’s supposed to do. She tells him to keep the boy he hit awake and she will get to him as soon as she can find Alaric. Caroline is wandering the streets looking for Ivy, and Stefan appears. He was on his way out of town after leaving Ivy’s daylight ring on Caroline’s doorstep. After reaming him out for almost dumping his vampire ex on her, Caroline and Stefan have it out again. He tells her how frustrating it is that he can’t just escape and start fresh, and she tells him that just a short time ago, she was hoping for Damon’s return so Stefan would come back to her. Damon is drinking Zima while Bonnie tells him all about her theories for escape. She thinks that with the Ascendant in her hands, she has all they need to get out of there. One VERY short spell later, Bonnie realizes that Kai didn’t kill her because he needed a Bennett to escape this prison.

The eclipse nears it’s apex, and one spell later the Ascendant opens up. Bonnie and Damon have a moment, and then BAM! Kai shoots her with an arrow out of nowhere. Damon whooshes to Bonnie’s side as Kai goes for the Ascendant. Bonnie warns Damon and he whooshes again to get to the artifact before Kai can run off. Bonnie scoops it up as the other two wrestle on the ground.

With the boy Tyler hit barely holding on, Tyler freaks out a little on Liv. She smothers the boy before he can die of natural causes. Tyler is no longer responsible for the boy’s death, and his curse remains untriggered.

Back at the maze, Elena is seconds away from offering up a little vampire blood to help a girl, but Liam traches the girl with a pen. With an open airway, the girl can now breathe easy, and it seems Tyler can too. No losses on his conscience. Before Liam and Elena leave, Liam notices the girl he couldn’t save earlier walking away. Bonnie knows she isn’t gonna make it out of there, so she uses a spell to get Damon in the proper location with the Ascendant and sends him back to the present in a shocking white light. She smiles as he is drawn up out of their prison, and then collapses on the ground.

Hopped up on painkillers, Jo tells Alaric that she finds him incredibly attractive and counts off his many fine attributes. After compelling her to find him boring and basically disgusting, she kisses him and ignores his compulsion.

Ivy is waiting on Caroline to arrive when Tripp shows up. He sees her covered in blood and mistakes her for a victim of the crash. He approaches her, she attacks, and he hits her with three tranquilizer darts. He loads her into the back of his van as Caroline watches helplessly.

Tyler finds Liv cleaning up at work where he confronts her about what she did for him. He tries to make her feel better about killing that boy to save him. He promises her that he won’t waste her sacrifice.

Stefan goes to the Salvatore crypt for a little one-on-one with his brother. He starts talking out loud about how he isn’t faring so well without him. Stefan throws a bottle against the wall, and Damon falls into the crypt just in time to catch it. He speaks straight to him and says, “It’s a hell of a long story brother, but I’m back.” Stefan can’t believe his eyes and they hug it out as Stefan bursts into tears along with the rest of us.