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Revenge Season 3 Episode 20 Revolution

Air Date: April 27, 2014

The latest episode of Revenge has begun the process of unraveling the Emily Thorne persona, in that her M.O. has made it difficult for her to keep her true motives a secret if anybody is paying attention With only a few more episodes left until the Revenge season finale, the plot only continues to gain momentum, and this week’s showing certainly didn’t lack in terms of drama. At the racetrack, Pascal attempts to be friendly with Emily, but she sees through his act, knowing that he is aligned with Victoria. Still, she manages to swipe his fingerprint and send it off to Aiden, who then uses it to access Pascal’s confidential files. As she is leaving the venue, Emily overhears an argument between Victoria and natural gas business owner Luke Gilliam. As it turns out, Gilliam was supposed to take the fall in place of Emily’s father David Clarke, and used the payout from Grayson Global to start his business. To extract natural gas from the ground, Gilliam uses an unsafe compound, which he attempts to pass off as legitimate by carrying vials of the supposed chemicals, and taking a sip from the vial to show how “safe” the compound is.

Rather than exposing himself to the actual chemicals, Gilliam fills the “drinkable” vials with a mixture of water, saline, and gelatin, and during a meeting with the business owner, Emily swaps one of his blends with a vial containing the toxic compound. He drinks the vial at an awards ceremony to illustrate his point of his compound being safe, and suffers an attack from the toxic chemicals as Emily sits in the crowd, feigning shock. Unbeknownst to Emily, Victoria is the reason Gilliam is in the Hamptons, and this is all part of her plan. “I loved how they set up the shot — as Emily is emoting, you can see Victoria watching her from over her shoulder, almost like she’s hunting Emily,” says costume designer Jill Ohanneson. “Victoria knows something is up, and it’s really fun playing with that.”

Charlotte and Javier continue to hide their relationship from Nolan, and the two plan to chat with Daniel about rolling out Javier’s high-tech app — as well as pulling some strings to get Javier’s parole terms lifted. While Charlotte has his best interests in mind, Daniel vows to increase Javier’s presence to get him on team Grayson, and to turn him against Nolan. “It’s crazy watching Daniel turn more and more into Conrad,” Ohannesson adds. “There was a scene where he and his mom are talking about their takedown plan, and you can see that the scheme is really taking over their lives, but that’s what revenge is all about.” Despite that Nolan flat-out tells him he’s making a mistake, Javier takes the bait and joins team Grayson, but Nolan isn’t going down without a fight… Later in the night, he surprises Daniel and Charlotte at home by rigging one of their outdoor light fixtures, which explodes just as he emerges from the darkness and tells them he’s on to them, and that they have no idea what they’ve started.

Aiden and Nolan track the Oscar Chapman moniker back to a woman named Brenda Evans, who is actually Chapman in disguise. After being discovered by the duo, Chapman confesses that Aiden’s father had no idea there was a bomb on the plane, and that he was murdered — his death was not a suicide as previously believed. He agrees to help the two, but is shot by Pascal before any plans can be set into motion. In an attempt to sway Aiden to join his side, Conrad presents Aiden with a photo of Oscar after the shooting.

Meanwhile, there’s trouble in paradise for Margaux and Jack — she has been extremely busy after taking over all of Pascal’s operations, and once Jack learns that she had a role in turning Javier against Nolan, the two have an argument. Jack is upset that the two aren’t spending as much time together since Margaux is so distracted by work, and he confesses that he loves her, but can’t be around her. “I love that this is a common theme in real life. There’s a constant struggle we as women have in balancing career and family life, and I’m glad we were able to show the reality of that,” Ohanneson says. “Margaux has been fighting this fight with her dad, and now that she finally has the company, that comes with a whole new set of responsibilities.”

Luke Gilliam wakes up in the hospital, only to have Emily hack into a video feed in disguise, and is commanded to turn over all the information he has on Conrad Grayson. As she pulls out her now-infamous red Sharpie to cross Gilliam out of a picture she’s using in her takedown plan, Victoria mirrors the motion, holding a black marker to an exact image of her own. She now knows that Emily is out to avenge her father David Clarke, and what she’ll do with this information is anyone’s guess…

In the next episode of Revenge Season 3 Episode 20 Revolution, Emily quest for Revenge is nearing an end but twists and turns lead to shocking end. Emily must battle Victoria"s henchman and the NYPD Detective hunting her.

Here is the promo of the upcoming episode:

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3 Breaker of Chains

Aire Date: SUNDAY, APRIL 20 (9:00-10:00 p.m.)

Finally, "Game of Thrones" killed off a character everyone has been praying would die. Only two episodes into Season 4, Joffrey choked to death at his own wedding, meaning the mad king of Westeros' reign has finally come to an end.

Before we get to the royal wedding and the death of Joffrey, here are some of the other important events that happened in King's Landing. Tyrion finally ended his dalliance with Shae, and calls her a whore to make the breakup stick. He has Bronn take her to a ship to send her away, and Bronn later tells Tyrion at the wedding that the deed is done. But Tyrion is concerned by the news that Bronn was followed, which is valid considering fans know Tywin told Cersei to send Shae to the Tower of the Hand.

Jaime is also having personal issues and opens up about them to Tyrion during a cute lunch between the two brothers. Apparently Jaime is far less skilled in fighting with his left hand than he thought, so Tyrion has Bronn help Jaime train to swordfight with his remaining hand. The first step of Joffrey and Margaery's wedding celebration is the breakfast the pair hosts, where Joffrey continues to show what an obnoxious twit he is. Though it at first seems like he might have learned some restraint when he politely accepts Tyrion's gifts, he then proceeds to slash them to bits when Tywin presents him with his Valyrian steel sword.

The wedding ceremony between the king and his new queen goes off without a hitch, but it's at the celebratory feast that things start getting interesting. When the attendees are walking from the Sept of Baelor, Lady Olenna brings up to Tywin the fact that the Lannisters will likely soon be coming to the Tyrells to help pay off the massive debt the crown has to the Iron Bank of Braavos. With the amount of times the bank has been brought up recently, expect that storyline to get a payoff sooner rather than later. At the feast, there are a number of fantastic interactions between characters who haven't been around each other before. The Brienne and Jaime 'ship was set alight when Brienne meets Cersei, and Cersei flat out acknowledges that Brienne loves Jaime. Even though Cersei isn't particularly happy with her brother at the moment, Brienne better avoid the jealous queen at all costs.

Ramsay Snow and a young woman named Myranda use dogs to hunt a girl through the woods. Ramsay allows the dogs to rip the girl to pieces, because they earned it. Roose Bolton arrives at the Dreadfort, and introduces his new Frey wife, Walda. Roose wants to see Ramsay’s “prize.” “I trained him!” Ramsay says happily, admitting that he flayed and mutilated Theon. Roose is annoyed he wanted to use Theon to trade the Ironborn for Moat Cailin. Now, Theon is… missing a few crucial bits. “You’re not a Bolton, you’re a Snow,” he reminds his bastard. Annoyed, Ramsay reveals that Bran and Rickon Stark are still alive, devastaing Theon with the news that Robb is dead. Bolton orders Locke to hunt down Bran and Rickon. They believe they might find the boys with Jon Snow at the Wall. “Take the moat for our family, and I’ll reconsider your position,” Roose says to Ramsay.

On the way to Joffrey and Margaery’s celebratory breakfast, Varys tells Tyrion that Cersei knows about Shae. Tywin has threatened to hang the next whore he finds Tyrion with. At the breakfast, Tyrion watches as Cersei tells Tywin about Shae. As a wedding gift, Tyrion gives Joffrey a huge, very rare book on the lives of four great kings. Joffrey thanks Tyrion graciously for the gift, shocking the on-screen and off-screen audience. But when Tywin gives Joffrey the other Valyrian sword, he hacks the book to pieces. He names the sword “Widow’s Wail.”

Meera wakes Bran from a long wolfdream. He enjoyed the dream, where Summer feasted on meat, as the travelers have little food. Jojen tells him it is dangerous to stay too long in Summer he’ll forget what it is to be human. “If we lose you,” Meera says, “We lose everything.” Later, Bran is drawn to a weirwood tree carved with a strange face. He touches the tree and falls into a trance. He sees the three-eyed crow, his father, his own fall from the tower, and the shadows of dragons above King’s Landing. “Look for me in the tree,” a voice echoes. “North.” “I know where we have to go,” Bran says.

Joffrey and Margaery are married in the great Sept of Baelor. “Cursed be he who would tear them asunder,” says the Septon. Joffrey drapes his cloak over Margaery, and kisses her as the crowd applauds. The Queen of Thorns and Tywin discuss the prohibitive cost of the wedding as they leave the ceremony. “The Iron Bank will have its due,” says Olenna, though Tywin claims not to be worried about the bankers from Braavos. At the wedding feast, Bronn assures Tyrion that Shae is off to Pentos. The Queen of Thorns gives Sansa her condolences about Robb and Catelyn. She fiddles with Sansa’s dress, and tsks about the bad manners of killing people at weddings.

Joffrey is bored and Margaery gives a speech, saying that Joffrey has decreed the meal’s leftovers go to the poorest of King’s Landing. Loras Tyrell exchanges a sexified look with Oberyn Martell and then bumps into Jaime, who tells Loras that he will never marry Cersei. “And neither will you,” snaps Loras. Meanwhile, Cersei thanks Brienne for returning Jaime to King’s Landing. “I don’t serve your brother, your Grace,” says Brienne. “But you love him,” says Cersei, shocking poor Brienne. Cersei moves in to spar with Maester Pycelle, and sends him to order the meal’s leftovers to the dogs, instead of the people. Because she’s awesome. Tywin and Cersei run into Oberyn and Ellaria. Cersei is nasty to Ellaria for being a bastard. Oberyn says very pointedly that they are cool with bastards in Dorne, but not so much with rape and murder. Finally, Joffrey grows tired of the entertainment.

“A royal wedding is not an amusement,” he says. “A royal wedding is history – the time has come for us to contemplate our history.” Joffrey has a troop of dwarves re-enact the War of the Five Kings, grinning maliciously at Tyrion. The dwarves spar. Renly’s dwarf is taken by another from behind, and Loras walks away in disgust. “Pay each of them twenty gold when this is done,” says Tyrion. “I’m off to find another way to thank the king.” Sansa watches in mute horror as the dwarf-Joffery beheads and then gyrates against the wolf’s head worn by “Robb Stark.” Joffrey almost rewards the dwarves, but challenges Tyrion to challenge “his” reign. Politely, Tyrion throws the challenge in his face. Joffrey walks over to Tyrion and dumps a cup of wine on his head. Tyrion tries to be diplomatic; Margaery calls Joffrey back, who orders Tyrion to be his cupbearer. “Your Grace does me a great honor,” says Tyrion.

“It was not meant as an honor,” Joffrey says. He drops the goblet, kicking it under the table. Sansa picks it up and hands it to him. “Fill it,” Joffrey orders, and Tyrion silently does so. “Kneel before your king,” Joffrey says. “Kneel.” When Tyrion remains standing, he yells, “I said, KNEEL!” “Look! The pie!” Margaery cries. Joffrey takes a sip, and cuts open the pie – filled with live and cooked pigeons – with his sword. Tyrion and Sansa try to leave as Joffrey eats his pie, but Joffrey orders them to stay. Tyrion brings the wine again. Joffrey drinks, and starts to cough. He drinks more wine, and coughs again. “He’s choking!” Margaery realizes. Ser Dontos appears next to Sansa, ushering her away from the scene. Jaime and Cersei run over to Joffery, who has collapsed, vomiting. Cersei cradles him in her lap as Joffrey goes purple, raising a clawed hand at Tyrion. “He did this,” Cersei gasps, as Joffrey lies dead in the middle of his wedding. “He poisoned my son! TAKE HIM!”

Who killed Joffrey?

Tyrion: Of course, he appears to be the most guilty. He blatantly threatened Joffrey's life at the last small council meeting at the end of Season 3, and also has total reason to kill his devilish nephew. But did he do it? Tyrion seems like a man who's smart enough to control his urges, and killing the King in front of everyone while clearly framing himself would be completely stupid. Tyrion is the perfect person to set up for Joffrey's murder, so he's off my suspect list.

Olenna Tyrell: There was something about the look on her face right when Tyrion walked up to grab Joffrey's goblet for the last time. Maybe she was just sympathizing for poor Tyrion, but she seemed a little suspicious to me.

Sansa: Out of anyone in King's Landing, or all of the Seven Kingdoms, Sansa has the most cause to kill Joffrey. Yet she's just too meek of a girl to carry out such an act.

In the next episode of Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3 entitled “Breaker of Chains”, In the frenzied aftermath of the royal wedding, Tyrion gets a visit from a loyal subject, but wonders if anyone in his family will help him out of his current predicament. Meanwhile, Tywin offers to work for the common good with a presumed enemy; Sam takes stock of the personnel at Castle Black; the Hound gives another life lesson to Arya; and Daenerys makes a decision outside the walls of Meereen.

Here is the Promo of the Upcoming Episode:

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True Blood Season 7 The Final Season

Hey! True blood lovers I know some of the fans are just a little bit disappointed in the finale of the last season but this time finally the true blood fans will see a little bit teaser for the true blood season 7 the final season of the show will start this coming summer Jun 22, 2014.

It's the moment we've all been waiting for… besides the premiere itself, of course. Not only did HBO tell us the True Blood Season 7 premiere date today, but they released a teaser trailer to go with it.

So when will we finally find out whether or not Eric Northman is dead? Season 7 premieres on Sunday, June 22 at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.Seriously is he really dead as i have seen in the finale of the last season he is smoking hot naked in the ice and burning. please don't kill him! As the fans know, this season will be the series' last, which is alluded to in HBO's tongue-in-cheek "Graveyard Tease."

HBO will also air the teaser right before the big Game of Thrones premiere, this Sunday, April 6, at 9 p.m. You were going to watch it anyway, right?

This final season begins with "Jesus Gonna Be Here," an episode directed by Bill Compton himself, Stephen Moyer. Stephen, who's married to co-star Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse), also directed two previous episodes: Season 5's "Somebody That I Used to Know" and the Season 6 premiere, "Who Are You, Really?"

Game of Thrones season 4 Premiere

This has been a fantastic season of Game of Thrones in which the show has come into its own, taking interesting risks with the source material and growing increasingly confident about its character development.

As the new season begins, the civil war that has overtaken Westeros is temporarily “over” after the gruesome events of last season’s Red Wedding, but peace remains a mirage, a bit of propaganda leaking out of King’s Landing. The consequences of war hang like loose sinews over everything, waiting to be tied up. The new season is both structurally and thematically about the exponentially multiplying ramifications of violence. (One of the new characters, Oberyn Martell, shows up at King’s Landing for Joffrey’s wedding on a mission to extract revenge from the Lannisters for what they did to his sister in the last civil war. From the big picture point of view, the few decades of peace of the Baratheon era are just a blip in an ongoing dynastic struggle, the Weimer era of Westeros.) Once peace and order are shattered, how does society, family, basic human decency get restored? The shows’ dozens of protagonists, scattered across fictional lands, have no answers.

Season 4 is based on the second half of the third book in Martin’s planned seven-book series, which is to say we are, dramatically, not even halfway there. The players and the plot are still moving out from the center. Daenerys and her increasingly large dragons are still on the other side of the world, flirting with handsome mercenaries and conquering slave societies. Jon Snow is up in the North, readying the Wall for a war with the Wildling army, which now includes cannibals. Arya and the Hound are on an ultra-violent walkabout that also provides occasional comic relief; Stannis is sacrificing people to the Lord of Light; the Lannisters sit in King’s Landing, infighting and scheming and engaging.

The first episode hastily re-establishes that the things that are great about Game of Thrones are the same as what is frustrating about it. Game of Thrones does world building and character creation at a level of detail unparalleled anywhere on television. Shot in multiple far-flung locations, with seemingly hundreds if not thousands of extras, it unfurls at such a scale that its characters—however high-powered—stay in perspective: They are always small, human-sized.

But due to all this ambitious sprawl, Game of Thrones only occasionally puts together a satisfying standalone episode. There is too much going on, the one-hour limit too arbitrary. Except for those episodes dedicated to one seriously traumatic event, like the Red Wedding or the Battle of Blackwater, story is always leaking out the sides. In the season opener, we are shuffled from character to character, given not enough of some, too much of others. (If I ever see Bran again before his visions finally add up to something, it will be too soon.) The ideal Game of Thrones viewing experience would be a massive, near hundred-episode binge watch when the show is finished. If you, like me, don’t have the patience for that, then week to week you put up with a show in which each episode is designed with no concern for your satisfaction.

The new season gains momentum as it goes forward, horror begetting more horror. Characters who mean well make bad choices or are punished for crimes they didn’t commit. Characters too weak to fight for themselves are used, abused, kidnapped. Characters capable of decency give into revenge, rape, mercilessness. It’s the particular power of Game of Thrones that as these characters descend further into the muck and the grime, the besmirching totality of violence, we’re still pulling for so many of them. Game of Thrones teaches us to look for even a hint of light in the darkness.

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 16 Disgrace Synopsis

On the last episode REVENGE returned after almost a two month hiatus and episode and Emily’s mysterious blackouts threatened everything and everyone she holds dear, Victoria confronted two formidable ghosts from her past. Emily didn’t look so good. She broke down and confessed that she was “losing control.”

Jack on the phone with a realtor, the home that he wanted is considering an “all cash offer” instead of the offer he put in. Stevie arrives wile Jack is getting off the phone; she brought him a box of photos of them in the hospital when he was a baby, after Stevie gave birth to him. Jack has no interest in getting to know Stevie now, regardless of whether he gave birth to him or not.

Meanwhile Patrick crashes a memorial service for Jimmy at a pub, and reveals to a bunch of drunken friend of Jimmy that Jimmy was “nothing but a rapist.” They attack him. Victoria and Stevie are bickering over which one of them own the house Victoria is living in. Victoria has no intention of giving up her home.

Emily barges into Nolan’s house freaking out, she blacked out again and came to on her porch destroying her father’s Infinity carving with a knife. Nolan tells her not to “let this destroy her.” She storms out and announces she is going to do what she should have done in the first place, “kill them all.”

Victoria heads to the police precinct to bail out Patrick after the brawl at Jimmy’s wake. She warns him to “let it go.” Nolan tracks down Aiden, and begs him to help Emily. He warns Aiden that Emily is about to do something she will “not come back from…ever.” Emily heads to South Fork, and lets herself into Conrad’s room. The door beeps, and she realizes someone else is entering the room, she crawls underneath the bed to avoid being caught, and then someone with black gloves on pulls her out by her legs. Aiden has dragged Emily out of South Fork and tied her up in an abandoned building. He plans to save her from her sub-conscious, by holding her head underwater.

Jack pays Stevie a visit; he just received a phone call from his realtor saying he could have his dream house if he still wanted it. Apparently Stevie contacted the realtor on his behalf, and used her attorney clout to get Jack the house he wanted. Nolan shows up at Patrick’s house and tells him that he knows he killed his Dad Jimmy. Patrick denies it, but Nolan isn’t buying it. Nolan tells Patrick that he still has a booth at the art exhibit, and he still wants “good things” for him.

Meanwhile, Aiden is still drowning Emily. She finally has a breakthrough, and reveals “her Father is to blame for everything.” It’s time for the Hampton Art Exhibit. Victoria corers Stevie at the exhibit, and Stevie reveals she plans to turn Grayson Manor into a Halfway House. Victoria plans to argue in court that Grayson Manor is a historical landmark and therefore can’t be used as halfway house.

Emily is crying to Aiden, she blames her father David for where she is now. He told her the night before he was arrested that Victoria, Emily, and him were “going to be a family.” Now, he got his wish, Emily is a Grayson. Victoria is surprised to see Patrick setting up his artwork at the exhibit, but she is happy that he is getting out and moving on, so she supports him. She reveals to Patrick that she plans to take Stevie down. Aiden informs Emily that the only mistake his Dad ever made was “falling for the wrong woman.” Emily agrees and declares she is still going to clear her Dad’s name. Renowned artist Stefano Leone visits Patrick at his booth and is impressed with his art. He offers him an apprentice position at his art studio in Tuscon.

Jack pays Emily a visit at her house, he wants some advice about how to deal with Stevie barging into his life and declaring she was his Mom. Emily reminds Jack that if it is true that Stevie is his Mom, then she is the only parent he has got, and he should at least give her a chance to explain herself. Before Jack leaves Emily thanks him for giving her a chance too.

Patrick texts Victoria’s after the exhibit and reveals he plans to leave the Hamptons. He thinks there is a darkness inside him, inherited from his Father, that makes him do evil things to protect her. He knows that if he goes to Tucson to work with Stefano, he will give his mother something to be proud of.

Jack shows up at Stevie’s room, obviously taking Emily’s advice to heart. Stevie says that she was protecting Jack from herself, apparently when he was born she was a raging alcoholic, but she has been sober for twenty years now. She was in rehab when she found out she was pregnant, and after she gave birth to Jack she couldn’t be a decent Mother. She hasn’t come back to the Hamptons, because the Graysons are “triggers” for her. But, now she is ready to face the Graysons and Jack. Jack invites Stevie to come over to his house tomorrow and officially meet her grandson.

Nolan has a drink with Victoria, it turns out she and Nolan set up Patrick and paid Stefano to offer him an apprenticeship to get him out of the Hamptons.

Daniel has had a private investigator following Emily. The PI brought Daniel photos of Emily and Aiden kissing earlier the day.

Emily is “sprucing up the cottage” and plans to stay there for a while. Nolan brought her a new metal safe to put her father’s journal in. Emily has an epiphany and remembers her Dad writing about a recovering alcoholic lawyer that visited him in prison and said she wanted his case, she never was able to help him because she got disbarred a few days later. Emily realizes that Jack’s Mom Stevie knew her Dad, and now she plans to discover every secret she is hiding.

In the next episode of Revenge Season 3 Episode 16 entitled Disgrace, As the notorious Pascal LeMarchal’s unexpected visit reverberates throughout the Hamptons, Emily and Victoria go head to head in a very public showdown.

Here is the promo of the upcoming episode:

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Us Summary plus Preview

Still the people in that live in the prison are having the hard time after they are separated and I can’t wait to see them together again as one whole family. The audience has known for the majority of the season that there is something seriously damaged about Lizzie. But to find her with her younger sister's blood covering her hands while pleading with Carol and Tyreese to wait until Mika changed into a walker to prove she is still the same person was heartbreaking and disturbing.

"The Walking Dead" Season 4 has been about the way the apocalypse changes people. It's focused on showing how living in a world filled with walkers affects the youth, especially in the story of Lizzie and Mika. This episode especially highlighted that, as Mika couldn't live because she is too sweet, and Lizzie couldn't live because she no longer could see the difference between human and monster.

Maybe the change in morality that the zombie apocalypse has brought on the still-living characters has turned them into monsters as well. Mika says something ahead of her years when she says that she pities the humans who try to kill their group because they probably weren't that bloodthirsty or desperate to survive beforehand. And she was probably right.

But Carol was also right in saying that there were seeds of Lizzie's confused nature in her all along. The theories that Lizzie was behind the walkers being fed rats and the dissected animals were proved correct, though it's an interesting twist that the other theory about her killing Karen and David was proved false.

Was Carol right to kill Lizzie? At first viewing, the obvious answer is yes. Many viewers were quick to compare the final murder of the episode to "Of Mice And Men," and it's a fair comparison. Lizzie was as much a danger to the world as the walkers she so loved were.

But who's to say what humanity is anymore in this reality where the number of the undead far outweigh the living. In this world, Carol was right to kill Karen and David and Tyreese clearly understands that when he says that he forgives her. Still, how far these characters have come from when fans first met them. There is darkness in this show that is never going away, because this is not a story with a happy ending.

It's interesting that this is the same show where only episodes ago a character brought up the concept of a cure being within grasp. But even if the walker cure is found, this episode proved that there is no going back for these characters. No one can live in "The Grove," no matter how idyllic it may seem. There's no returning to the world that was lost. There's only going forward, and hoping that your end is quick and painless.

In the next episode of the walking dead season 4 episode 15 entitled Us, Survivors rely on brutality and faith. However brutal some survivors believe they must be to stay alive, we get to see that faith can sometimes be the strongest survival tool.

Here is the promo of the upcoming episode.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 24 A is for Answers Season Finale

Finally is coming but before that we chop up the previous episode of the series and it makes me more interesting to watch for the finale of the season. Spencer walking through the woods in a full-on wedding gown. She is clearly being followed and as she walks we hear something snap shut, almost like something along the lines of an animal trap, and the screen fades to black. It is 48 hours earlier and the girls are at The Brew talking about Paige and the note to Holbrook. Spencer is clearly the most distraught, believing that she may have been the one to kill someone and that Mrs. DiLaurentis is out to get her.

As Emily and Spencer leave, they catch a glimpse of Jason, who swiftly ignores them and drives off. They try to follow him but the car is stuck and the pair finds a roll of film with just a blonde girl with her face blacked out and the note “You know me, Spencer. You killed me.” Over a phone call, Aria is being scolded by her mom for her behavior in Syracuse and the conversation quickly turns to Ezra. When Aria gets upset, Ella surprises her by bursting through the door. Though their bliss is short lived because that same night Aria has quite the freak out on her mother for going to a different country with her boyfriend despite it being Aria’s idea in the first place.

Emily and Spencer run into Paige at school and the tension is palpable. Emily wants to know why she hasn’t spoken to her and cuts right to the chase about what Paige did. Hannah catches up with Travis, who doesn’t appear to be all too pleased to see her. Hannah insists on a do-over and “#AwwTravis” flashes across the screen. Sorry, that hashtag suggestion is just a bit much.Travis isn’t biting and doesn’t take Hannah up on her offer. Not to worry though, he gets over it and is pretty adorable and kisses her later in the episode.

While preparing for the bridal show, Mrs. DiLaurentis sends Ashley away as the cops pull up to her house. Holbrook cuts in and tells her that the body in the grave didn’t have a broken wrist like it was initially reported and that now they will be exhuming the body to confirm whether it is actually Ali or not. While this is all going down, Ashley goes into Ali’s room and finds a receipt for clothes that were bought yesterday. This being a clue seems like sort of stretch, but then again this is Pretty Little Liars.

At school, Emily is able to talk to Jason who tells her that he needs to keep Spencer away from his family considering all the issues they are having. He reveals that Spencer used to harass their family. Apparently Ali used to get texts from someone and Mrs. DiLaurentis believed it was Spencer. Her advice to her daughter? Fight fire with fire.

Over at the Hastings household, Dean and Spencer seem to have a moment when he decides to read to her so she will be able to finally fall asleep. Naturally they both dose off and Mrs. Hastings catches them in what appears to be a compromising position. She fires him on the spot. This leads to a confession from Mrs. Hastings about an event that happened with Spencer and Melissa the summer that Spencer can’t remember. Apparently after a huge blowout between the sisters, Ali found Mrs. Hastings cleaning up the aftermath in the backyard. While not much happened, Spencer witnessed their interactions. Based on this, do her parents believe she could’ve killed Ali? It doesn’t seem like very strong reasoning.

Back at The Brew, Hannah convinces the girls to take part in the bridal show because she thinks they’ll be able to find the address to where Ali is by snooping around their house. The girls oblige and it’s at the show that Spencer gets to speak to Jason for the first time. She tries to ask him about the night Ali “died” but is interrupted by Dean who swings by to tell her good-bye, but not before he gives her his digits. We also find out that Jason has been lying about his whereabouts because the rehab facility he said he was at has been closed down for two years. Has he just been helping his mom, AKA A, this whole time? In a nice break from all of the drama, Ella tells Aria that Zach proposed to her in Austria and that she came back in order to tell Aria. It was a really cute moment in a pretty serious episode.

It’s almost time for the bridal show to begin but Spencer sees Mrs. DiLaurentis drop a bag off in the woods and a mysterious figure picks it up. Spencer follows the stranger into the woodland and while we originally thought she got caught on a bear trap, it was just anti-climactic and we find out it was her dress that got caught.

While this is going down, the other girls are hacking into email accounts and Ali finally calls the girls. She gives them an address so she can tell them everything. They want to leave but they can’t without Spencer. When they find her, she can barely speak because her corset is so tight. When they take off the corset they find the bones of human fingers sewn into it as well as a note that reads “What will you do when the rest of me comes out of the grave?” The episode ends with the girls going to meet up with Ali in what appears to be some sort of abandoned office. The final shot is of someone walking in on them but it’s not Ali, it’s someone else who takes the girls by surprise. .

In the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 24 A is for Answers, After years of questions and mystery surrounding the night Alison DiLaurentis disappeared, her four best friends come face to face with Ali and finally learn why she disappered and what happened to her that September night. .

Now, with their new found knowledge of Ali’s long-held secrets, can Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer help Alison finally figure out who Big A is?.

Here is the promo of the upcoming episode:.