Thursday, October 30, 2014

For all my wishing that it would take at least until the mid-season break for Esther and Mikael to get the upper hand on their kids, I’m actually quite glad The Originals Season 2 went its usual route and jumped the gun this time.

Esther has Elijah and Mikael is presumably moments away from turning the tables on Klaus. This show never really did well with suspense, preferring to jump straight into the action, and I guess that’s one of the things we love most about it.

But that was just the cliffhanger, and there was so much more to love about Live And Let Die. A returning Cami, for one, who has never been as dynamic and watchable as she was here. I’m definitely not jumping on board with any of her prospective romances – irritatingly and awkwardly summarised in that initial therapy scene – but her role on the show is ever-more important as the rest of the elements get crazier and crazier as the weeks go by.

She’s the human element that’s desperately needed, especially since even Hayley is now a hybrid, and those scenes between her and Klaus, flirtation aside, reintroduced that grounding force that’s sometimes missing from the more action-packed episodes. The Originals deals with such grand themes and ridiculous ideas, and a bit of normalcy goes a long way for both the audience and the characters involved.

But of course, she isn’t a miracle-worker, and one little speech about the little joys of life isn’t enough to talk Klaus down from his revenge mission. His impulses have become ingrained in his DNA over thousands of years, and no one short of Caroline Forbes (or baby hope) is going to change something so fundamental.

Likewise, Marcel’s plan to get Elijah on his side by giving him a plaything in Gia is going swimmingly, as Elijah seems to be revelling in having someone to mould and train without the annoyances that come with Klaus and the complications that come with Hayley. We also get zingers like: “As a devout feminist, I refuse to say that you hit like a girl.”

The werewolves’ place in all this has gotten considerably more complicated. Thankfully, Oliver and newbie Aiden have both defected from the more extremist members of their pack, and Esther and Finn’s idea to bring unturned teen wolves into the fold was enough to make them thing maybe teaming up with an unhinged witch with a centuries-old vendetta wasn’t the best idea in the first place.

This allies them with Elijah and Hayley by default, which has the wonderful side-effect of making Aiden and Josh’s little romance the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. The potential of a vampire and a werewolf trying to be in a relationship while their families tear each other’s throats out is huge, epic and fantastic viewing for us.

The showdowns between Klaus and Mikael are always a bit a letdown, and maybe because this is almost a direct retread of what we saw in Vampire Diaries back in the day. It’s not the show’s fault – it’s understandable that they’d want to transfer that storyline over to a show that actually has room for it, but it’s still a case of ‘been there, done that.’

The return of Papa Tunde’s ludicrous knife of mystical torment was welcome, though, and enough to allow us to forgive Klaus for being a little careless.

But I have to say that the sheer genius of Kol and Finn’s reintroductions has made Mikael and Esther feel a little superfluous. Before this season, I was indifferent to Finn and indignant to Kol, but now I just want more of them on my screen. Bravo, The Originals, you actually made all five of the Mikaelson siblings into characters I care about – now bring back Rebekah in New Orleans.

Friday, October 24, 2014

On last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead there was a big decision made: They’re going to Washington D.C.! That’s great!

Abraham, Rick, Glenn, and Maggie still hanging around in Father Gabriel’s church. Come on everyone, let’s get a move on! The infection isn’t going to cure itself.

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 3 is titled “Four Walls and a Roof” could it suggest that one or two of Rick’s friends will want to stay at the church because it’s a safe place for them to have a steady life? The church is one of the nicest places wee have seen, so it would not surprise us if a survivor or two is interested in hanging around with Gabriel though it does not seem like we can trust him at the first glance I think Rick can't trust him.

Episode 2 ended with one of the worst or best moments we have seen on the show so far: Gareth caught up with everyone at the church and grabbed Bob, whose leg he cut off and ate. Bob, miraculously given the situation, is still alive and had to witness the fact that his leg and foot have been severed.

The synopsis for The Walking Dead season 5 episode 3 makes it sound like Rick will be taking on Gareth. “Rick and the group find themselves pitted against some very nasty people, but our group might just have a plan to gain the upper hand.

We can’t imagine another huge fight since Gareth and his team are outnumbered. Will he and Rick talk things out? Will Rick just kill Gareth like he promised in the season premiere? We can’t wait to find out and don't miss this coming sunday night with the walking dead.

While Damon and Bonnie try to figure out how Kai can get them out of his personal hell,a shocking secret is revealed that pieces a lot together. Thought The Vampire Diaries love triangles could not get anymore complicated? Well, they can they really, really can. Elena set out to figure out what Stefan has been up to in Georgia, and while yes he does purpose he also reveals to her the truth about her feelings for Damon.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Damon Parties Like It’s 1994. In order to get to the other side, Damon has to head back and relive his worst day ever May 10, 1994. During the flashback, Damon returns home to Stefan after feeding in NYC. Their cousin, Zach Salvatore, had taken over the home and Damon tries to fit back in but just starts feeding on everyone. He actually ended up killing Zach’s pregnant wife right in front of them. Long story short, Damon wasn’t the nicest. This is why he killed Zach last year, because he couldn’t stand to look at him anymore and relive it all.

Meanwhile, back in present day on the Other Side, we realize learn that Kai is actually the reason for this “Other Side” it was created by his family, the Gemini Coven, when he murdered all of his witch family members.

After Bonnie finds out about Kai’s murderous past, she refuses to go through with the spell to get them all over. Ugh, doesn’t she miss Jeremy! Anyway, Kai flips out on her and Damon comes to her defense because as much as they hate each other, they’re totally BFFs. Oh, and he doesn’t need them to get back, so either they do it all together… or he goes back and leaves them there forever.

Elena decides to run away with Stefan to see how exactly he starts over, since she thinks he’s just running away. So, to do that, he shows them how to create new identities for them both. He turns into Stefan Cooper who purposes to Elena Williams — adorable. During this trip, the spark is definitely reignited between the two, while they awkwardly avoid talking about Damon. Stefan still doesn’t know that he has been erased from Elena’s mind, but no one really needs to spell it out for him. We always knew he was the smart Salvatore.

After Elena says her goodbyes, Stefan gets into a bar fight just to feel again and Elena luckily comes back because she “forgot her jacket.” After that, Stefan couldn’t hold back — so he just told her everything: that Alaric compelled her to forget Damon and that she used to be in love with him.

Elena calmly returned home to Alaric and told her she knew. So, he gave her the journal she wrote to herself Elena with Damon’s memory writing to Elena now, basically saying ‘Please don’t go back, start over.’ To that, she agreed. But,we know that she can have Alaric bring back those memories at anytime which I’m hoping is sooner rather than later.

As for Stefan well, he gets an interesting surprise: the return of Ivy, his girlfriend who Enzo did not kill, but actually just turned into a vampire.

While not helping Elena, Alaric tries to get into Jeremy’s psyche to help him. That included another run in with Jo, the cute doctor who he’s clearly attracted to. Jeremy finally opens up to Alaric, which resulted in Alaric opening up too. Basically, they’ve both lost everyone that they love so they just fought in the woods. Fine by me.

However, Jeremy was not alone when he returned home. Sarah was there, and she wanted answers as to her father was. Confused? Well, in Damon’s flashback, his cousin’s pregnant wife he killed? Oh, she was pregnant with her. Yes, Jeremy was sleeping with Stefan and Damon’s cousin’s daughter . . . after Elena slept with both Stefan and Damon. So, Jeremy and Elena were both sleeping with Salvatores. This is getting a little creepy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Strorybrooke is chilling as once upon a time season 4 are about to start again for the new episode in this week. Defenses are up as Elsa hits the town with an ice wall, building her summer ice fortress around the town of Storybrooke. Not nearly as nice as the one outlying the city limits of Arendelle, it gets the job done as the town loses power and the sheriff is brought in to investigate.

Before she departs, however, Emma has another crisis to deal with closer to home. A crow arrives from Regina explaining to Henry that she thinks it best that he keeps his distance. After his efforts to build the perfect, “I’m sorry your boyfriend’s dead wife is back” basket, Henry’s interest in helping out his other Mom wanes.

At the wall, Emma and David are met by Hook who responds to a call from his lady. Mocking their relationship, Hook teases that he should have brought some champagne to celebrate their second date at the ice wall following their lovely evening with ice monster.

I’ll make a man out of you: Oh, costume department. That wig! Mama’s farm is in trouble and Bo Peep will not cease until her payment is met. Anna arrives and discovers that Prince James and Kristoff are old buddies. Who knew? She witnesses the tyrant in action and offers her assistance to help him fight.

Meek James is not the fighting type, but he meets his match against Anna the determined type. Sweeping the hair out of his face, James turns to Anna to explain the struggles his father had with alcohol and the stress it caused his family. He vowed to win his battle against the drink, but two week benders during supply runs, he lost hope that the man would ever change.

Letting his mother down is not an option, and James takes the visitor’s advice to stop surviving and start living. Elsa realizes that her plan to find Anna is backfiring a bit when the frozen wall chills Emma close to death. Sisterly bonding helps Elsa control her powers, but for Emma a properly flowing circulatory system is key to the use of her magic.

At the generator, Mary Margaret is taken as Storybrooke’s leader since Regina “doesn’t feel up to it.” Politics, am I right? Mary Margaret soon realizes the enormous amount of stress Regina handled on a daily basis. Once you’ve had the luxury of microwaves and wifi, who would want to return to the days of candlelight?

Hook and David go to Rumpelstiltskin to inquire about the necklace. Rumple’s expression lets on that there is more to his side of the story than he is willing to reveal at the moment. David recognizes the necklace from Belle’s inventory card and immediately takes his grievances to Peep the Butcher. The two take Peep’s staff that may still be able to track Anna through the herding enchantment that she placed on her in the Enchanted Forest.

Behind the wall, Emma is losing her fight with the cold, but Elsa makes strides with technology, by using the walkie-talkie to communicate with David.

Charming and his hair head out to visit Bo Peep after Anna fails to show herself in the barn. Once in the presence of Bo Peep, Charming takes his stand and fights off her henchmen, tying her to a post and taking back the necklace she stole from Anna.

Back at the barn, full of endorphins, Anna pounces on Charming. He returns her necklace and offers up a horse to help her along her journey. Grateful for her assistance saving the land Mama Charming give Anna some sandwiches and the name of a powerful man who may be able to help her. Rumpelstiltskin, watches over Anna as she mutters his name. Powers restored: David and Hook

return once more to the ice wall where Hook continues to try his hand at making sno-cones. David takes over the walkie-talkie to explain to Elsa that while Elsa may survive in the ice fortress, Emma will not, and neither of them are living. Hearing the words of her sister come over through an unlikely acquaintance, sparks a warmth in her to reverse, at least some, of her barrier.

With Emma safely in Hook’s arms, and Elsa trusting her new friends, the group retreats to the warmth of the loft.

Meanwhile, Prince Neal feels pangs of hunger, giving the newly elected town mayor an idea. The generator is lacking fuel to run! After thinking that Mary Margaret was going to try her hand at testing Prince Neal’s magic, she turns on the fuel and the town is brought back to the 21st century.

Emma is feeling the warmth of her family, blankets, and Hook’s good hand, as David explains the situation to Mary Margaret. The staff does not show Anna to Elsa, but it does give off a heart beat. Anna is alive. Henry takes the family’s motto of never giving up hope and puts it into action. Arriving at his own doorstep, he demands to be seen by his mother, whether she likes it or not. Regina opens the door and takes her first step towards letting those who believe in her back into her life.

One business that did not suffer in the blackout was the Storybrooke ice cream shop. But who is behind the magical ice wall’s refusal to melt and has a hand in proving sugary cream to the town? Introducing the Ice Queen.

Original hybrid Klaus and Hayley will have a stronger connection in "The Originals" Season 2 after Hayley gave birth to their daughter, Hope, and transformed into a hybrid just like Klaus. However, Aussie actress Phoebe Tonkin confirmed in an interview that no romantic relationship will be formed between the two. The Originals Season 2 begins with Hayley not really knowing how to deal with her new hybrid status and she will sort of ask guidance from Klaus even though he is not really the best person to take advice from when it comes to being a hybrid.

Nothing romantic will happen between Klaus and Hayley in "The Originals" Season 2. "They're both pretty volatile characters.

When asked about what will happen to the romantic connection between Hayley and Elijah, Phoebe Tonkin revealed that things will be different between them in the brand new season. The actress teased that Hayley and Elijah will be like meeting each other again for the first time. "She kind of puts up a wall because she doesn't want to be hurt.

As for Klaus love life, the fans can only find out about the Original hybrid's romantic past through flashback scenes when The Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev appears in The Originals Season 2 as a Petrova doppelganger named Tatia. Meanwhile,The Originals executive producer Michael Narducci responded to the people asking about the future of the Klaus-Caroline or "Klaroline" relationship in the CW spinoff series. "It doesn't feel like there's an easy way to make people drop what they're doing in Mystic Falls and come to New Orleans, and certainly once our story lines get rolling, it's going to be very obvious that it'll be very impossible for our characters to take a vacation and go to Mystic Falls," Narducci explained. The executive producer further added that the last thing that Klaus would want is to include his love interest in the messy Mikaelson family business that he must deal with first.

Did you watch the most recent episode of The Vampire Diaries? We did, and we recapped it for you right here. If you’re opposed to spoilers and haven’t yet devoured the season 6 premiere episode, then definitely take a few moments to read the highlights or take so many moments to watch the episode for you.

During episode one, we saw Elena coping with the loss of Damon, her vampire lover who didn’t make it back across from the Other Side, and choose to return to Whitmore College — because it’s VERY important she get a university education during all the chaos in her adorable little life. Caroline was desperate to find a way to reverse the anti-magic spell the Travelers put over Mystic Falls and grew frustrated when her calls to Stefan went unanswered.

Tyler, who is human once again, had a run-in at a football tailgate, which tested his ability to control his anger. Our poor ol’ favorite Mystic Falls human, Matt, worried for his best friend, Jeremy. He was particularly worried that he’s choosing to deal with the loss of Bonnie, his former flame and lover, in a self-destructive way.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? On next week’s episode, according to the official CW press release…The Vampire Diaries season 6 episode 2 “Yellow Ledbetter”: “Knowing she needs to come to terms with the loss of Damon, Elena is going to turn to Alaric to help her move on with her life. Enzo is going to convince Caroline to join him as he tracks down a lead to get Damon and Bonnie back, but Caroline will be shocked when they make an unexpected detour and uncover what Stefan has been up to.”

It also seems as if Matt will continue to worry about Jeremy, who’s chosen to spend time with a mysterious new Mystic Falls arrival, who goes by the name of Sarah. Hmmm, what’s her story and what’s she got cookin? Make sure to tune in for next week’s episode, and don’t forget to check out the official promo trailer below. Make sure to check CDL for all your current TVD spoilers.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Mystic Falls gang is back except not all of them are allowed in Mystic Falls. The Vampire Diaries season 6 premiered on the CW on Thursday, introducing fans to a whole new world … one without Damon and Bonnie.

Episode 1 of Season 6 picked up four months after the devastating Season 5 finale. Elena narrated what everyone has been up to in the past couple months. With the Travelers' curse still on Mystic Falls, Sheriff Forbes is left to bust kids for underage drinking instead of identifying bodies. Matt joined a squad that works on teaching locals how to defend themselves. Jeremy has resorted to hooking up with random girls and playing video games as he mourns Bonnie. Caroline dropped out of Whitmore College to work on finding a spell to break the Travelers' curse, while Tyler enrolled in Whitmore and Alaric joined as a professor of occult studies. Stefan left town to chase a lead on a witch that has the ability to contact the dead although he has started working as a car mechanic. As for Elena? She’s going pre-med in her sophomore year to both do good and get the perks of blood bags and has resorted to witchy herbs in order to hallucinate Damon.

Jeremy, Caroline and Alaric have been struggling for the past couple months, but the herbs have allowed Elena to put off mourning her dead boyfriend. Instead she uses them to see, touch and talk to Damon. But there is a nasty twist to her herb use it makes her very thirsty.

Elena doesn’t think anything of her hunger especially since she has access to an unlimited blood bank. But Luke, who has been supplying her with the drugs out of guilt, knows that her herb use has to stop. The only problem? Elena’s not willing to give up seeing Damon.

“I’m not a drug pusher,” he tells her, cutting her off. But Luke should know better than to push a “hangry” and drugged-out vampire. Elena turns violent with him, trashing his room until she gets her next fix.

She gets that fix, but even hallucination Damon tells her that she’s acting insane. Elena tries to shrug him off, but she proves that her habit got out of hand when she attacks a stranded motorist on the outskirts of Mystic Falls. Fortunately Caroline showed up in the nick of time to stop Elena from killing the frightened girl, but that moment of surprise gave Elena’s victim enough time to flee across the magic protected border of Mystic Falls.

As Caroline learned about Elena’s drug habit, Alaric was keeping a close eye on Tyler who has had some serious rage issues since coming back from the dead. And it’s good that Alaric was acting as chaperone for Tyler … because he almost strangled Luke when he found out that Luke had been supplying Elena with witch drugs.

After getting caught by Caroline and receiving a rude wakeup call from Stefan, who admitted that he gave up on searching for Damon, Elena decided that she had to stop using the drugs and say goodbye to Damon.

In an emotional goodbye, Elena thanked Damon for saving Stefan and bringing back Alaric and Tyler. But she wasn’t done there. She also thanked him for giving her “everything” she always wanted – “a love that consumed her, passion and adventure.”

“This is the last time I’m going to see you,” she told him, closing her eyes. “This is goodbye, Damon. I love you.”

But Damon was still there when Elena opened her eyes. Elena was left with only one option – ask Alaric to compel her to forget about Damon, to forget that she ever loved him.