Friday, August 29, 2014

Once Upon a Time Reveals Elsa, Kristoff and the Reindeer

The lovable reindeer is part of a whole slew of characters from the smash Disney movie Frozen, who will be joining the cast of ABC’s fairy tale saga Once Upon a Time for a large arc this fall. Snow Queen Elsa, friendly neighborhood mountain man Kristoff, wide-eyed bridezilla Anna, and the villainous Hans are among the ensemble who will join the show when season four hits the air on September 28. And, of course, the actors playing them will also be involved somehow. The storyline will also feature Elizabeth Mitchell in a still-mysterious role and John Rhys-Davies as patriarchal troll Pabbie.

Im sure the frozen fans are thrilled which is suddenly Elsa is part of the Once upon a time season 4 and not only Elsa thier is a lot more. Remember the riendeer in the Frozen movie? Yes the cute one but we all know that when it comes to reindeer they just 9 but it is for Santa Claus but this time only one just for Kristoff.

ABC has unveiled the first official photos of some of these Frozen favorites in costume. We don’t know what’s going on, exactly the Frozen arc picks up some time after the film’s events have already occurred but we can sure guess

Finally a Look to The Walking Dead Season 5 Teaser

Andrew Lincoln has a warning for you: All that gore and action and heartbreak and intensity we’ve seen before on The Walking Dead? Kid stuff. At least when compared to the upcoming fifth season, which is definitely not for kids. “We’re really earning our rating this season,” says Lincoln. “There are families that watch it together, but just so it’s on the record, guys it’s a grown-up show this season.”

Whether you're a Walking Dead comics fan or you only watch the TV adaptation, we can really only know one thing for certain about season 5: people are going to die. Probably people we care about. Terminus citizens may be cannibals or they may be carrying out creepy medical experiments or maybe both, but based on how season 4 ended and the title of the premiere episode -- "No Sanctuary" -- things are going to stop being polite and start getting seriously real for our survivors when the show comes back on the air in October.

The Walking dead season 5 finally released a teaser for the upcoming season premiere of the series.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Update: Trailer Finally Released

The date is getting closer and closer and Im sure every TVD fans are getting excited for the upcoming season premiere of the series. Every fans of the series are don’t even know what could be happen in the vampire diaries season 6. Every Delena fans are having a heart broken when Damon left in the other side together with Boniie. Is Damon and Bonnie are really dead? If it is true every tvd fans are wondering how the story will go in the series since this two favorite character is dead in the past season.

Is this supposed to make us exciting about the "new turn" the show is taking? Elena is whining. Again. Like we haven't seen her cry for five fucking seasons already (and god, Nina has become ugly when she cries, she used to have a lot more grace to it).

Where the FUCK is Bonnie? This is the second time she died for Elena's sake, but does Elena even care? Helllll no, it's Damon, Damon, Damon, boohoo, Damon, lemme take some drugs so I can see Damon, boohoo. Hello? Elena, your best friend, who you've known all your life, just died again and all you can think about is the man whore who killed your brother about three times, raped and abused your best friend and attempted to kill everyone you care about at least once?

How about we see some more of Stefan? I'd say losing his brother, with whom he has had a complicated relationship (to say the least) for a century and a half is a lot more interesting than some stupid, self-centered snowflake crying about her boyfriend, whom she's been with for like six months (and in those six months they broke up about 37 times) and who has made her feel like crap basically since the moment he walked into her life, except for those three months she spent having endless gross sex while her actual soul mate was drowning for her sake again.

Where's Jeremy? Do people not realize that this is the third (fourth, if you count Bonnie's death in the season four finale as well) that this guy has lost his girlfriend?

And again, Julie wants us to pity Elena. She has to start understanding that she can't sell Elena as the heroine of the show anymore. You don't get a medal for fucking two brothers within 24 hours. You don't get a pat on the back for not caring that your boyfriend almost killed your brother AGAIN. You don't deserve to whine and complain and cry when all you've done in five seasons is draw the attention to yourself. You can't expect us to root for a selfish, self-centered, empty, no-brained person who goes completely against canon by having her have some ridiculous speech about how all she sees is a future with a manwhore self-proclaimed serial killer. That's not a heroine, that's a pathetic excuse of a woman. How about they finally let her have some backbone?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 10 Monstrous Preview

The assassins will keep coming in Teen Wolf Season 4 episode 10 and audiences learned that anyone can be an assassin. The Benefactor’s list is being sent to random printers, and anyone with the guts to kill another person can take a shot. According to the official synopsis for Season 4 episode 10, it won’t just be Scott’s friends that have to escape killers.

Scott and Kira are still too busy to go on an actual date in episode 10 entitled Monstrous which will air on Sunday, Aug. 24. They will be protecting Satomi’s pack, and Chris Argent will return to help the teenagers protect the werewolves. Satomi’s pack was already targeted earlier this season. In the previous episode 6, Derek and Malia were looking for Satomi’s pack in the woods, but they only found dozens of dead bodies. Satomi’s definitely going to be on edge when the remaining members of her pack are targeted again.

While Scott is busy protecting people from the assassins who have the deadpool, Malia and Stiles will be figuring out where the hit list came from. Fans know that Meredith is the benefactor and Lydia’s grandmother Lorraine helped create the cypher keys and computer code for the deadpool. However, there are still a lot of missing pieces in the deadpool mystery. How did someone identify every supernatural creature in Beacon County? Could a banshee do that or did Meredith have help? Why would Lydia's grandmother help with the deadpool when she was a banshee? Stiles and Malia will be working to determine the exact origins of the deadpool. They also might be working out their relationship issues at the same time. This week’s promo gives a glimpse of a steamy scene between the two.

The second promo gives viewers a good look at Meredith, who sounds awfully scared, despite her power as the Benefactor.

Pretty Little Liars season 5 episode 11 recap Melissa comes clean

On last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Caleb finally talked about his time in Ravenswood and Melissa spilled her secret to Spencer. With only one more episode left until the hiatus, Pretty Little Liars has stepped up their reveal game.

Last night’s episode began with the girls attempting to reveal the whole truth about Ali and New York to the police. They didn’t get very far, however, due to the fact that “A” sent them a warning in the form of footage of Ali visiting Hanna in the hospital. Hanna thinks that the message is actually from Ali and not “A” in an attempt to stop the girls. Afterward, Emily interestingly goes to see Ezra in hopes that he may have some information on Cyrus. He doesn’t know anything but this was a big moment for Ezra because he finally felt like the girls were beginning to trust him again. It’s also already a strong episode for Emily who takes a stand against Alison by ignoring her calls. Hanna heads to Caleb’s house only to find him passed out next to an almost empty liquor bottle. She’s about done with his behavior and the next day she enlists Spencer and Toby to help him out of his dark hole. At the Hastings house Spencer finds a note from Melissa in her bedroom. The note says that their dad is making her leave town but she will tell Spencer the truth soon. Doubt it.

All the girls, minus Spencer, are discussing Melissa’s note when Detective Tanner interrupts them in order to warn them about Cyrus still being loose. She also takes the opportunity to grill them a bit about Bethany Young’s death but it pretty much leads nowhere, making this an extremely pointless scene.

Spencer receives a package in the mail from Melissa that includes a video of her finally explaining the truth. The night that Bethany Young was killed Melissa saw Spencer and her fighting, and then saw the body lying on the ground next to Spencer holding a shovel. Melissa did what all good sisters do and literally buried the evidence in the ground. Melissa also knows that Bethany was never dead and she ended up burying her alive. So maybe Melissa isn’t the worst sister in the world after all.

It’s now time for Caleb’s intervention with Spencer and Toby in tow. They decide the best possible place to do this is in a public setting. Nice move, Hanna. It goes over just as you would expect it to and Caleb freaks out. Toby tries to have a private moment with him but Caleb eventually gets up and leaves.

Its movie night for Aria’s family, but when Ella flakes out Mona shows up in her place. Aria is not too happy about Mike and Mona’s reunion, so during the movie Aria whispers something in Mona’s ear which prompts her to get up to go cry in the bathroom. Aria eventually finds her and Mona reveals that she knows she doesn’t deserve Mike. She also tells Aria that she is just looking out for herself and protecting herself from Ali.

Ezra pulls through for Emily and finds photos of Alison and Cyrus together looking relatively chummy. Emily now knows that Ali lied about being scared of him and also found out that Cyrus goes by many different aliases and has been arrested a handful of times. That’s a great guy Ali has there.

Back at Aria’s house, Det. Tanner shows up to talk to Byron, which Aria naturally listens in on. Tanner reveals that she has a meeting with one of the girls the next day. She expects this girl to tell her the whole truth and someone will finally be arrested.

Caleb and Hanna are back at the cabin when Caleb finally breaks down and talks about his time in Ravenswood. He tells Hanna that he saw Miranda after she died and that he drinks to get to sleep because Miranda haunts his dreams. It’s a sad and vulnerable moment for Caleb and it’s nice to see some weight lifted off of his shoulders. So does this mean we get the old Caleb back now?

While that is going down Aria, Spencer and Emily gather together to figure out who the girl is that Tanner is meeting with. They all decide that it must be Ali and Emily plans on showing Ali the pictures she has in an attempt to stop her from talking. With this Spencer decides to show the girls the video from Melissa. Spencer also tells them that Bethany was wearing Ali’s shirt so Ali must have been trying to switch places with her all along. In the final scene we see someone looking inside Caleb’s house through a window and watching him sleep.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Teen Wolf season 4 episode 8 The crow flies at midnight

Time of Death begins with Stiles having trouble sleeping, remembering how he and Malia used to sleep in his bed together each night Teen Wolf season 4.

In the following scene, we hear Agent McCall recording his testimony about how he saved Stiles’ life. He and Scott talk about how many times McCall has had to take a life and how he used to deal with that by drinking. Scott’s father has to leave town to deal with what he’s done, but when he gets back, he wants to know everything Scott knows. Scott is more than a little worried, but he hesitantly agrees. With three computers set up in front of them, Kira, Liam, and Stiles decide to draw out the Benefactor. The scene cuts to Liam’s step-father running through the hospital halls and then trying to resuscitate someone we don’t see. When he can’t revive them, he calls the time of death. Scott McCall has died. Going back to Derek’s loft, Braeden wakes up there and tip-toes over to Derek, who has given up his bed for her and is sleeping on the couch. She checks Derek’s wound, and he wakes up, telling her he’s fine. But she knows he isn’t. It seems that he also can no longer change his eyes.

Meanwhile, we get a horrifying scene of Melissa crying for her dead son. We flash back to Kira shocking Scott in order to make him look dead. Luckily, Melissa is in on it, though that doesn’t make her seeing Scott in the morgue any easier. Mrs. Yukimura says they have to wake Scott up in 45 minutes or else he’ll really die.

While all of this is going on, Chris and Stiles contact the Benefactor to try to draw him out. Chris then hijacks the security feeds for the hospital so they can see who visits Scott’s body. Back at the loft, Braeden says she’ll teach Derek to be human.

Scott starts dreaming while he’s in his comatose state. Liam is there, and Scott finds a new list, using his name as the code, that shows the assassins as the targets. Liam tells him he’s a predator, and Scott struggles with denying he could be a killer.

While Malia is in the Hale vault, she finds a file about her. But Peter shows up before she can read it. Father and daughter are finally coming face to face with both parties knowing everything. This should be interesting.

As the cameras go out in the morgue, Kira and Liam check it out. When they head up to the roof, they’re confronted by Berzerkers.

Apart from the action again, Lydia is at the lake house. Her mom shows up, wanting to know what she’s up to. Lydia gives in, and when she shows her mother a picture of Meredith, Mrs. Martin says she knows her.

When Scott dreams again, it’s similar, but slightly different, to the one we saw before. Most interestingly, Scott says he has more fangs and that he noticed it during the quarantine. Once again Liam dies at the hands of the Mute.

Braeden teaches Derek how to use a gun, though he’s not too keen at first. As she blocks all of his attempts to pull it on her, he finally “cheats” by distracting her with a kiss. But they both win as they finally give into their feelings for each other.

In another flashback, Kira and Scott discuss wanting to go on a real date. Maybe after they save the entire town. Again.

In the morgue, Stiles can’t get a hold of Chris. Maybe because he’s currently fighting off his sister, Kate. If she’s there, does that mean she’s the Benefactor? Nope, she’s not. But she’s mum on why she wants Scott McCall’s supposedly dead body.

Peter tells Malia it’s not his fault that he’s a psychopath. Maybe that’s true, but can we really forgive him for the things he’s done? Regardless, Peter has something to offer Malia — her mother. He calls Malia’s mother the desert wolf. Which is another name for a coyote.

We learn that Lydia’s grandma died in Eichen House. It turns out that she heard voices, too. And she wanted Lydia to spread her ashes across the lake when she turned 18. But the urn Mrs. Martin gives her daughter is not full of the woman’s ashes. It’s mountain ash. The whole lake house is made of mountain ash.

In yet another dream, Scott finds himself going through the same motions. Only this time, the Mute helps Scott kills Liam. And that’s when Kira brings Scott back. But it’s not all good news. Kira’s mother is seriously injured.

After Chris convinces Kate to leave the morgue without taking Scott’s body, Kate returns to Peter, saying he was right and that Scott isn’t dead. Peter is surprisingly relieved about this news. At the end of the episode, Malia comes back to Stiles’ room, and despite his reassurances, she is afraid she is like Peter.

Kira and Scott realize a banshee is the Benefactor, since they wouldn’t need visual confirmation to know if someone is dead or not. At the same time, Mrs. Martin passes Lydia a note that her grandmother had written before she died. The note contains the same code we’ve already seen previously.

True Blood Season 7 Episode 8 Finally they Found the Cure

Last week Sookie and Bill recreated their first time together. He’s dying of Hep-V, so Sookie ended up back in his arms and his bed on his floor. Adilyn and Wade were in a too-good-to-be-true situation and Violet was ready to pounce just as the episode ended.

To further complicate things, and keep bringing back old favorites, Jason is trying to deal with Hoyt being back in town and not being remembered. And Arlene is having a non-sexual romantic relationship with a vampire. Never thought we’d see the day.

Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus find Sarah Newlin at the old Light of Day Institute. Pam turns a gun on herself to keep Eric from killing Sarah immediately. “You die, I die.” Watching their loyalty and friendship this season has been such a treat.

Eric drinks from Sarah, and heals. Likely to assuage fans like myself who had problems with Bill’s betrayals earlier in the season, the post-sex scene with Sookie and Bill had her asking about why he didn’t just turn her over to Sophie Anne from the beginning.

Lettie Mae and Lafayette are still digging up the lawn of Lettie Mae’s old house. Reverend Daniels arrives to stop and stop her. James also shows up to give them both blood again, to help them connect with Tara...and Reverend Daniels decides to join the V trip, because that’s just the kind of crazy thing that happens in True Blood Season 7.

The V trip takes them to a flashback to Tara’s childhood when her dad is out to kill her mother for throwing a birthday party for Tara.

Hoyt and Bridget are fighting over future prospects when Jason has to leave the house. Violet is texting pictures of Adilyn and Jessica tied up. Bridget decides she’s going with Jason. As much as he tries to escape old habits, this is just getting ridiculous. He can’t wait, though, and takes off toward Violet’s house in Monroe.

Mr. Gus explains to Pam and Eric that while they successfully synthesized Sarah’s blood, they won’t be going to market for some time. They need to make it less perfect, so that it won’t be a one-time cure. They’re on board because Eric’s healed and they like money. Violet takes Jason down quickly. Her anger is obvious, but her ego almost overwhelms it as she explains her superiority to Helen of Troy and other major historical figures. She binds Jason to a St. Andrew’s cross. The others Jessica, Adilyn and Wade are also bound, mostly in their underwear. Everyone is gagged, so Violet is able to go on monologuing like a Bond villain. She lays out her plans for medieval torture of everyone.

Hoyt to the rescue. He shoots Violet and unbinds Jason. It’s odd that Hoyt seems comfortable with Jason calling him Bubba, as he thinks they don’t know each other. Jessica’s obvious hope at seeing her former lover is quickly followed by disappointment as Bridget enters the room.

In the Tara flashback, we learn that Tara wanted to shoot her father, but couldn’t pull the trigger. She buried his gun in the yard. It’s still there, which makes little sense given how shallow it was buried, but we’ll go with it.

Eric comes to let Sookie know he’s going to be okay. She answers her door in a robe, after leaving Bill in bed. As a firm Eric/Sookie ‘shipper, it’s hard to accept they can’t kiss right in this scene. Instead of throwing her arms around him in joy as I would she tells him Bill has Hep-V. Jason and Jessica have this adorable conversation in his car. Can you have a meet cute after all this time?

Sookie comes to Fangtasia, and is greeted by the Yakuza. We have to give her credit for not backing down. Even if it’s about to make the situation even more complicated for Eric. He plays it off as Sookie being a fangbanger. She manages not to gawk when he talks about fucking her. His “glamour” of her was giggle-inducing for this viewer.

Hoyt can’t get Jessica out of his head. He arrives at Jessica’s house, and brings a bag of his own blood for Bill, because he didn’t want Jessica to have to try to hunt down clean blood for him. Are these two due to be reunited?

Sookie, being stubborn as always, goes back to Fangtasia and breaks in to see what’s in the basement. She discovers a bound and gagged Sarah Newlin. Sookie discovers Sarah is the cure and leaves her in the dungeon. She heads straight back to Bill’s with word about the cure.

Mr. Gus has to leave town and gives Eric a reminder not to do something stupid. He heads to the basement with a plan to bring some of Sarah’s blood to Bill, only to find Sookie in the basement, too, with Bill.

Bill refuses to drink from Sarah. Because he’s an idiot. However, this may open the door for an Eric/Sookie reunion, and that would sincerely please this viewer.Shirtless Hep-V Bill lounges with Sookie in a post-coital cuddle.Shirtless Yakuza members play cards, while viewers enjoy their broad shoulders and Japanese body suit tattoos.