Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 7 Is Maggie got Killed By Negan?

Season 6 just ended an intense cliffhanger that makes every fan of the show really need to watch the upcoming season of the walking dead. Rick and his team as in trouble once again as a new comer in the show Negan and his company captured Rick and the rest of the team. Fans are going wild when this things happen in the comic book killed one of them by smashing the head with the baseball bat wrap with barb wire. Its seems really terrifying to watch it. As the walking dead season 7 is coming up hints everywhere is slowly coming out who is Negan victim. With all the spoilers that are coming out everywhere still fans searching for the clue who got smashed.

As an avid fan of the show I always having the hard time with all the major characters that are left in the show from the first season. Based in the comic book the one that got smashed is Glenn oh no! But in the series we don’t know yet. Fans all over the net have the hard time in moving on if this is gonna happen poor Maggie because she is pregnant.

As we are counting the days for the comeback of this zombie theme television series another hint is dropped this weekend and fans are getting crazy over an engagement ring in the remains of Negan’s victim. Theories is somehow came out all over the net that the possible victim could be Maggie but somehow we couldn’t contain it that the pregnant woman is beaten up.

In the aftermath, the super villain can be seen leading the deputy sheriff into his caravan after threatening to kill his right hand man. In the comics, Rick's hand is cut off by The Governor but it seems that that responsibility may fall to Negan in season seven.


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