Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 9 Online S03E09 Homecoming

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 9 Online at Telepisodes.net. The follwing is the full recaps of the previous episode.

Elena and Bonnie help Alaric in his efforts to figure out the indicating behind his current development. Elena and Rebekah are in a mean-girl energy battle until Rebekah lastly explains some of her family old techniques and her severe earlier with Klaus and Elijah. Still trying to develop a cutting-edge with Stefan, Damon tries a dangerous new technique, and they're both stunned by an unlikely friend.

Alaric and Damon take Elena to a give and tell her about the Unique Household. They tell her about Mikael, the dad of the team. Alaric tries to figure out the marks on the give. Elena chooses to go to Rebekah to explore the Old ones. Rebekah is at first reluctant to help then she chooses to encourage to the Salvatore's for a talk.

Stephan is still in the cleansing cellular and Damon gives him a check out. To Elena's dismay, Damon fails Stefan totally free so he can get a consume. Mikael reveals up and reveals Stefan of a strategy to attract Klaus in. For safeguard, Mikael wants his full family become skeletons. The wizard has already advised them about the repercussions and usually help. But, they actually don't need much help since their Unique mom, Ester, is also the Unique wizard.

Esther had an matter with a werewolf, so it changes out that Klaus is not really Mikael's son. Mikael is not allowing go of this quickly. Rebekah believes that her dad wiped out her mom per Klaus' demand. Rebekah doesn't know this for a point until Elena results it out from the blueprints in the give. In reality revealed and Rebekah fails down.

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Here is the brief synopsis of The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 9:

Elena is anxious and puzzled after Rebekah shows her why the nights the Homecoming show up is so considerable. Tyler's measures during the night time depart He and Caroline shaken. Things move unusual when Klaus chooses to stimulate his newest plan and, while trying to outsmart him, Damon varieties a dangerous link which gives increase to a terrible unexpected progression.


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