Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: The “A” Mystery Will Involve the Parents

The liars are always in the hit list of A and who will be the next in the list could be the parents? Yes, if you just read the upcoming episode 3 guide of the series I’m surely did that their parents will be in the next in the hit list of A especially Hannah’s mom in keeping secrets to protect Hannah.

Executive producer Marlene King says that “‘A’ decides that he or she has not been able to divide and conquer the Liars as desired. So, in addition to targeting them, ‘A’ is really going to put targets on the backs of their parents. They are really in the thumb of A for now because they are having a bi mystery in surrounding’s around Hannah Marin’s family plus for what happen to Wilden.

What will the liars next move after all that A’s eyes are getting closer in each homes that they have especially Hannah’s family find out how they will handle A watch pretty little liars season 4 episodes only at ABC Family.


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