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Pretty Little Liars S04E06 “Under the Gun” Summary Promo Preview plus Gamma Zeta Die Recap

The pretty little liars season 4 is even more better and thrilling to watch for as A is almost in the doorstep of their houses in taking their parents and Wilden’s death makes a big impact with them. In the previous episode of the series “Gamma Zeta Die”, Hannah wakes up w with a nightmare that Ashley is in the prison jumper and her hair cut off and she is on the panic. Hanna and Aria is in the hallway and discussing about Spencer’s admission councilor and Aria suddenly mention the number that Tippi is singing and they remember that it is in York Country. Spencer looks through her college catalogue and finds Cicero College, a college in York County whose area code and prefix phone numbers match the one that Tippi sang. After school, Aria and Ella speak outside of the school. Ella tells her that she has decided not to go to Austria with Zack, and reveals that Mike is not comfortable with Ella leaving. When Ella is alone in her car, she is attacked by a swarm of bees planted by A. Aria gets a text from A saying it is “only a taste of my venom”. Ella is taken to the hospital, and Aria is even more adamant that Ella goes to Austria.

Aria is more concerned now with Ella and wants her to go in the Austria she talks to her brother Mick and confronts about Ella in going to Europe. They begin to fight and Mike says that Aria only wants her to gone is to get back with Ezra. Maybe Mike you don’t really understand the care of your sister in your mom in the hands of A playing game.

Aria is not giving up to make her mom goes to Austria she goes to her dad Byron to talk to Ella to go away with her boyfriend but her dad refuses. Aria is just like pissed off and she goes in tears as she begging for her father to talk to her mom. Emily and Spencer are planning to went to Cicero College just to find out who is the number that A is been using for. That night, Spencer and Emily meet up and head to Greek Row, where a party is going on at a sorority that Emily insists on visiting. She admits that the real reason she is at Cicero is to visit the Sorority Sisters to ask about the possibility to a scholarship. Spencer says that it makes sense because she thinks that Emily was flirting with Brendon to get what she wants, and that she conveniently didn’t mention that she was gay. Emily retorts that Spencer has done the same thing to get on the decathlon team and that she has a safety net of money to fall back on. Before the fight progress, they are greeted by the Sorority Sisters.

Hannah is still not convince with her mom and still have the doubt that she is hiding from something while she is looking for a shoe she found a gun in her mom closets and she puts it in her bag and went to Cicero to show Spencer and Emily and to dump it. Spencer goes around the party showing Ali’s picture to people, asking if anyone recognizes her. She notices Brendon approaching Emily and flirting with her, but goes on asking people if they recognize Ali. Hanna shows up at the party with the gun in her bag and shows Spencer, telling her that she wants to hide it so that if the police question her dad, he will truthfully not know where it is. Spencer tells her to wait there while she goes to look for Emily.

Spencer goes upstairs and into the hallways, looking for Emily. Instead of finding Emily, she finds a secret door to a hidden room built into the wall. It is empty except for a disconnected phone and a radio. She uses the phone to call Aria, proving that it is indeed the phone that Ali had been calling the summer she went missing. While on the phone with Aria, Spencer notices scratch marks in the room.

Hanna decides not to wait any longer and leaves the party, heading for the woods. When Emily sees her leave, she follows her, but is stopped by Brendon. Emily tells him that she has a girlfriend and isn’t interested, and Brendon looks disappointed. In the woods, Hanna begins to bury the gun but is suddenly surrounded by police officers. She is put in handcuffs and is hauled away, while Spencer and Emily look on. They get a text from A, which suggests that A called the police on Hanna. In the final shot, A pours honey into some tea and takes out a dusty photo. A wipes away the dust and we see a picture of Carla Grunwald, the house mother of the sorority.

In the next episode of pretty little liars season 4 episode 8, Hanna has some explaining to do to her parents and the police after she’s found with something she shouldn’t have. Mona spills a secret of Spencer’s to the other Liars – leading to hurt feelings amongst the group. Emily tries to help Hanna, only to have “A” turn the tables. And Aria helps out a friend of Mike’s, who gets the wrong impression of her.

Meanwhile, Shana keeps popping up in the most unusual places. And Spencer’s investigation into who was on the other end of Ali’s mysterious phone number leads her and Toby to Ravenswood – which is unlike any place they’ve ever seen.

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