Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episodes 18 Dead to Me

In the previous episode of the series more secrets are revealed and the liar’s couple is getting into the nasty things. One of the episodes that makes everyone breaks their heart are Aria and Spencer.  We seen Spencer’s face in how  she is very affected with  the secret that she found about  Toby that she is working with  A. in the other hand another couple are breaking up Aria and Ezra  after Ezra are find out about her son  with Maggie  he  leaves the town  to see his son and leave Aria. 

In the next episode of  Pretty Little Liars Season 3 episode 18 ‘Dead To Me” Now that Ali’s remains are back with her family, the DiLaurentis’ are set to bury her again, giving Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer another opportunity to say goodbye to their friend. With everything that has gone on since Ali’s disappearance, the girls are divided about going to yet another memorial. Aria, Hanna and Emily are ready for another round of goodbye, if not for them but to also support Jason. Spencer, on the other hand, has had enough and wants nothing to do with the burial. She is still traumatized after the Toby ordeal, puts her foot down and refuses to commemorate the girl who once made her life a living hell.

Meanwhile, Emily goes to visit Dr. Sullivan to help with her unresolved feelings about killing Nate, but comes away with much more than expected. She remembers what actually happened the night Ali died.

More things are going to happen in the following episode of the Pll but the bad thing is our favorite couples are kind of breaking such as Today and Spencer and Ezra and Aria I don’t want to be Caleb and Hanna in the next line don’t miss the latest episode of the Pll  watch Pretty Little Liars Season  3 episode 18 @


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